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“In all of creation light is the first thing spoken into existence. “God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light” (Genesis 1:3). The finite mind is tempted to ask, “How can there be light without sources that generate it? How is there day and night without a sun?” Light, however, is the first order of the Word of God…Our loving Lord is Light. If He comes to illumine the world, how then do we still love darkness? Our choice is self-defeating, and yet our practice of evil underscores our love of darkness (vs. 20). From Adam to the present, we have consistently loved darkness (compare Gn 3:8 and Jn 3:20).” (Dynamis 3/16/2021, 4/28/2020)

“We shall become as the light, in our nearness to Christ’s true light, if we leave this dark atmosphere of the earth and dwell above; and we shall be the light, as our Lord says [John 9:5, 1:9], if the light shines in the dark comes down even to us – unless, that is, any foulness of sin spreading over our hearts should dim the brightness of our light.” (Saint Gregory of Nyssa)

“ In His Nativity and in His Baptism, Christ is “manifested,” or “revealed,” to the world as the Light of the world in order to dispel the darkness of ignorance and spiritual blindness which are the direct result of sin…we do not grow into the light by trying to escape the darkness but by meeting it—with courage and tranquility, as we shall then be enabled to do: trying to make sure that the deeper our knowledge of it becomes, the deeper also becomes our sense of oneness with the redemptive pity of God, and therefore the less our danger of coming to terms with evil.” (Fr. Stephen Kostoff, Gregory Wolfe)

“…our freedom can be limited by our own choices. When we make dark choices, we can change the way we think and thereby become locked into dark thought patterns, limiting our freedom. We sometimes choose kindness, goodness, compassion, love, and sometimes we just choose to be self-centered, neglectful, shadowy, and perhaps even cruel. So it’s all about consciousness. What are we conscious of, light or darkness?” (Albert S. Rossi, PhD)

“…we should ask whether we treat everyone we encounter as a living icon of Christ. If we are honest, the answer is no. That is because we tend to relate to others in light of our own self-centered desires, which lead us to fear, resent, and disregard people as obstacles to getting what we want. Regardless of how right we may be about any point of disagreement with anyone, our spiritual blindness distorts even our best glimpses of the truth. In order to find healing, we must get to the root of the matter by exposing the darkness of our souls to the brilliant light of Christ. Even the best religious and moral practices lack the power to make us radiant with the gracious divine energies. Only the restoration of the human person worked by our Savior in His victory over death can do that.” (Fr. Philip LeMasters)

“God is present everywhere and He is Light, a Light that penetrates all…He who participates in this light is united to the Light and with the Light he sees in full consciousness all that remains hidden for those who have not this grace.” (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica, Saint Gregory Palamas)

“We united ourselves to Him, and He gave us a measure of the Light that He is. We did more when we bowed down to Him at Baptism, we became residents of His household. As such, our life should contribute “...light to all who are in the house” (Mt. 5:15). His light is not a private possession, but a light to be shared with all in His household and all who around us in the world.” (Dynamis 8/25/2020)

“Each action of faith in your life is like putting another peg into the Lite Brite pattern. People will notice that there is something going on in the way you live your life. At first it may not look like anything or it may even confuse people a bit. However, soon enough, the glow of your faith will shine through the darkness of the world and reveal a beautiful design, the Cross of Salvation. Don't worry about people not seeing the pattern. They will. Your challenge is to make sure that the light always shines brightly in everything you do.” (Vasie-Leigh Andriotis) 

“For a Christian is not called to flee the world or mankind, to reject or curse it. He is called to bring the light of Christ's teaching into earthly life and to creatively reveal the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the fabric of this life.” (Ivan Ilyin)