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Quotes of the Day for April 22, 2024 – Thoughts on cultivating peace and stillness in a world of pace

“Our lives are often filled with tensions and judgments with jealousy and greed – all of which serve to deaden our hearts and make us blind to the true character of the Kingdom in our midst. The Kingdom is reduced to slogan – a cypher for a set of opinions. Patience, inner stillness, love and forgiveness are the disciplines that make it possible for us to perceive the texture of the Kingdom. It allows its depth to be formed in our hearts.” (Fr. Stephen Freeman)

“In so far as possible, we should fast from the hectic pace of our ordinary lives. When we live at “warp speed,” we cannot get in touch with the state of our souls. When we keep pushing forward, we cannot reflect soberly on the course of our lives. When we rush from one thing to the next, prayer gets left behind. Thus, Paul’s recommendation of “stillness” means to be “silent.” But it also means slowing down. We should ease up on our feverish pace so that the Lord can catch up with us and inspire us with the hope for His coming.” (Fr. Basil)

“Psalm 46 [Pslam 45 in Greek translation] states, “Be still, and know that I am God”… [Ps 45:11 LXX]. The converse is implied: if I am not still, I may not know God. And if I don’t know God, I am not going to know myself, because I am made in His image and likeness….We must strive after a quiet mind. Just as the eye cannot ascertain an object put before it if it wanders restlessly up and down and sideways, without fixing a steady gaze upon it, so a mind distracted by a thousand worldly cares will be unable to clearly apprehend the truth…” (Albert S. Rossi, PhD,  St. Basil the Great)

“If we genuinely seek God, yearn for what is right and holy, and desire to see ourselves as we are, then silent prayer becomes a source of discernment for us. This prayer becomes our time in the desert, away from the distractions of the world, where we find ourselves alone with God.” (Fr. Joshua Makoul) 

“Solitude is vital. It gives self-knowledge and exposes the age-old pain of Adam who sinned and is still hiding from his Lord in the bushes of his loneliness. But we should come out of the bushes towards God and His creation. Yes, walking this path is maybe more painful than sitting in Adam’s bushes. But on this path the abyss of our soul will find Him Who can fill it and will meet those who have similar abysses. “Call upon the Creator from the abyss of your heart, and He will fill your ‘limited infinity’”—this is what solitude tells us. It is for this meeting that the incessant voice of solitude sounds within us, and it is the purpose of our life on earth.” (Sergei Komarov)


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