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There is great spiritual thirst and hunger that only Christ can truly satisfy. Yet due to how Christianity is often conveyed or taught, its deep and rich truth is not perceived as it should and people are turned away from it and seek to satisfy their spiritual needs in either other traditional and new age religions, or purely secular pursuits. The purpose of Sacramental Living: Understanding Christianity as a Way of Life by Michael Haldas is to teach about Christianity in its fullness in the context if real life and real world issues and to explain common misconceptions. The common theme is how to live sacramentally and grow ever closer to God.


Written in short chapters with many subheadings, it is ideal for you if you are seeking to deepen your understanding, whether you are a patient reader or one who is on the go and reads in short bursts. The first part deals with basic theological and spiritual understanding that tie together in later chapters where the author addresses contemporary and relevant issues and what they mean to Christians. Weaving in many personal experiences and other examples to communicate practical understanding, the book is written in a personal tone that explains Christianity within the context of relating it to common questions, concerns and feelings.

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