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Stephen Bentfield is aggressive, brash, and brilliant. At 32, he is the sole owner of Bentfield Technologies, Inc., (BTI) a $100 million information technology firm in Bethesda, Maryland, Estranged from his wife for over a month and plagued by strange, and seemingly stress-induced dreams and sleepwalking episodes, his whole life begins to unravel when he finds a mysterious faded, bloodstained piece of paper in his pocket that says "REMEMBER." It randomly causes him to burst into inexplicable visions involving people and places he's never seen. He continues to lose his grip on reality when he meets Adam Testavar, the intimidating sole owner of one of the world's largest computer companies. Testavar expresses interest in buying BTI, but Bentfield immediately senses Testavar is not quite what he seems to be. Soon after attacked in his home and narrowly escaping with his life, he suddenly finds himself befriended by a mysterious stranger named Alexander and pursued by killers. Bentfield becomes caught up in a mystery involving ancient Mesopotamia, Nazi Germany and the crucifixion of Christ, and begins a global odyssey in search of a mysterious book that holds a secret that will change his life forever.

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