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About Quotes, Articles,  Blog, and Poems

This tab is comprised of inspirational quotes, articles, blogs, and poems. In terms of the quotes, during my morning prayer and study time as I came across quotes from the Bible, study bible notes, or other spiritual books that struck me,  I started sending them to a friend having no idea a single gesture to one individual in a moment of inspiration would expand to thousands of people.  The quotes - one featured quote and four supporting quotes intentionally ordered and arranged to support a common theme - are offered each week day. They are intended for those of you who are on the go but are looking to begin your day with a few prayerful "sound bites" of inspiration that comfort, edify and help you draw closer to God. 

If you would like to receive these quotes daily via email, please send me your email address via the contact page and I will add you to the distribution. You can also view the quotes every week day at this site by clicking the Quote of the Day link below.

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