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God's Love

“We are so preciously loved by God that we cannot even comprehend it. No created being can ever know how much and how sweetly and tenderly God loves them. It is only with the help of his grace that we are able to persevere in spiritual contemplation with endless wonder at his high, surpassing, immeasurable love which our Lord in his goodness has for us.” (Julian of Norwich)

“God’s tender love is ineffable. He offers Himself to those who with all their faith believe that God can dwell in the human body and make it His glorious abode. God built heaven and earth to be the dwelling place of the human race. But He also built the human body and soul to make them His own abode, so that He might dwell therein and rest there as in a well-kept house.” (St. Makarios the Great)

“Though exalted far above our nature and inaccessible to all approach, like a tender mother who joins in the inarticulate utterances of her baby, [God] gives to our human nature what it is capable of receiving. Thus, in the various manifestations of God to humanity He adapts Himself to humankind and speaks in human language and assumes wrath and pity and other emotions, so that through feelings corresponding to our own, our infantile life might be led as by the hand and lay hold of the divine nature by means of the words which His foresight has given.” (St. Gregory of Nyssa)

"Hope is the intellect's surest pledge of divine help and promises the destruction of hostile powers. Love makes it difficult or, rather, makes it utterly impossible for the intellect to estrange itself from the tender care of God; and when the intellect is under attack, love impels it to concentrate its whole natural power into longing for the divine" (St. Maximos the Confessor)

“The gray matter of the brain will one day crumble and decay, but the tenderness of the heart is from everlasting to everlasting and in touching it we have touched immortality.” (Agnes Sanford)

"Our psychology is such that memory throws unexpected images before us, it can torment us with guilt over our past deeds. Often we know how terrible the things are we have done and a part of us shrinks away at the very thought of them. Faith in God’s love leads us beyond this habit; it reassures us that what has been confessed and absolved is truly wiped away. The devil would rather have us hide away from God in shame." (Father Spyridon Baily)

“Due to our lack of complete trust in God’s revelation that we are made in the divine image and likeness, most of us get caught up in trying to be extraordinary. We become insecure and are tempted to rest our sense of self on something less than God’s love for us. As a result, we waste our energy worrying about whether we are liked, respected, effective, or as good as other people.” (Robert J. Wicks)

“Nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ. Sadly, too often we hear those words and aren’t able to apply them to how we live on a day-to-day basis...No matter what the circumstances, no matter how much we mess up, no matter how many powerful forces there are that would try to damage our relationship with Him, God will be there for us with His love.” (Foundation Study Bible, Romans 8:39) “We all feel that this Divine love is somehow very far away, that God is very far away when, in fact, it is we who are moving further away from Him.” (Elder Thaddeus Of Vitovnica)

“To ask that God’s love should be content with us as we are is to ask that God should cease to be God: because He is what He is, His love must, in the nature of things, be impeded and repelled by certain stains in our present character, and because He already loves us He must labor to make us lovable.” (C.S. Lewis)

“The believer can rejoice and rest in the knowledge that God is present in every place and every situation in life.” (Foundation Study Bible, Psalms 139:7-12)