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Challenges and Choices

“Our lives are filled with amazing and challenging moments—sometimes we make the right choice, sometimes we don’t. We will find peace if we embrace all the wisdom life teaches us moment by moment instead of being deceived by the voice that says, “I will never recover from that bad choice” or “That experience was a waste of time.” (Father Barnabas Powell)

“…the power to choose a course that is unnatural to our human nature makes us weak and powerless. It is only the power to choose a natural course that brings us freedom. Unfortunately, too many of us have become enslaved to the multitude of bad choices we’ve made.” (Kevin Scherer)

“Every day, and in many moments of the day, there are choices to be made. We have a choice to choose good and a choice to choose evil. We can choose Christ or we can choose sin. Choosing Christ means to put aside the impulse to sin. It means putting sin to death, squashing it, and then choosing Christ. Of course, no one wins this battle every time. Some days, even with the best of people with the best of intentions, evil wins, we choose wrong. That is the human condition. The challenge, and it is a daily challenge, is to die to sin, to put sin away; and to live in Christ.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

“To live as Christ lived is what we strive to do, yet we struggle with it every day. It is a challenge, but it helps to remember that it is by loving our friends, enemies, neighbors and strangers that we help to illuminate the Earth with Christ's message. By being good to others we will be spreading the good news of the Gospel.” (Jason Roll)

“We had better stand on a foundation of rock because we live in a world where the rain beats down, the waters are rising, and the winds will blow and beat against us. It is a world that unrelentingly assaults our senses and confronts our values. It is a world filled with temptations—money, sex, power, fame, and pleasure. It is a world characterized by crime, violence, racism, poverty, injustice, inequality, and deceit. We live in a world that constantly challenges our understanding of truth and demands that we make choices. And those choices matter.” (Richard Stearns)

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