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Life (of the World)

“…properly theological cosmology and “history” of salvation—the economy or the plan of salvation—begins with the Passion of Christ, and from this vantage point looks backwards and forwards to see everything in this light…we can even say that creation together with salvation was effected when Christ offered himself for the life of the world, on 25 March ad 33.” (Fr. John Behr)

“Notice that on the cross Christ didn’t call us sinners, but instead He claimed that we were innocent, even as we crucified him. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do” (Lk 23:34 ). There is only one “Sinner” in his universe at that point. I think this will help us see in what way “the sinner” of the Jesus Prayer is Christ himself; it isn’t referring only to you because you have done wrong. It is also referring to Christ who, though blameless, was willing to let sinful human beings condemn and punish him as a sinner, for the life of the world. You call yourself “the sinner” because He is your Bridegroom and you want to be one with him, especially there on the cross where He poured out his life for all mankind.” (Timothy G. Patitsas)

“The assurance of our forgiveness through the blood of Christ rests on the non-repeatable character of His giving Himself up for the Life of the world. If it were not “once for all,” then more would have to be accomplished. Sacrifices and offerings for sin would have to continue. But when would they be enough? Rather, God’s forgiveness is total and complete. It does not demand anything more than repentance and faith in the grace of God. If God remembers our sin no more, then we also should let God cleanse it from our hearts and put it out of our minds.” (Fr. Basil)

“God created the world as a place for Him to dwell with us humans. And yet when he enters creation, He is confronted with an inhospitable world in which He has no place to lay His head (Matthew 8:20)… Our task as Christians is not only to provide Christ a place to dwell in the world, but to become His dwelling place as we unite into one Body and make Him present in our daily lives and the life of the world.” (Fr. Ted Bobosh)

“… secularism is a lie about the world. ‘To live in the world as if there were no God!’ – but honesty to the Gospel, to the whole Christian tradition, to the experience of every saint and every word of Christian liturgy demands exactly the opposite: to live in the world, seeing everything in it, as a revelation of God, a sign of His presence, the joy of His coming, the call to communion with Him, the hope for fulfillment in Him. Since the day of Pentecost there is a seal, a ray, a sign of the Holy Spirit on everything for those who believe in Christ and know that He is the life of the world – and that in Him the world in its totality, has become again a liturgy, a communion, an ascension…” (Fr. Alexander Schmemann)


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