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“The opposite of autonomy is theonomy. This is the belief that the fulfillment of human existence, while it begins in this world, is nonetheless entirely dependent on grace and communion with God.” (Vigen Guroian)

“That communion and participation in the life of the other is possible is one of the single most contradictory challenges to the modern world-view. We are not utterly individual in our existence nor in our experience. We are beings whose lives are best expressed and fulfilled through communion. When this is rightly understood, it is nothing more than the proclamation of the primacy of love.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“When Jesus actually “ John at the Jordan to be baptized by him...John tried to prevent Him” (Mt. 3:14), acknowledging instead his personal need to be baptized by Christ. Notice carefully the words of the Lord Jesus that moved the Forerunner to take the actual step of baptizing the Lord: “ is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness” (Mt. 3:15). Observe that Christ invited John to participate in the Divine ministry of man’s salvation, saying “ is fitting for us,” for you [John] and Me together, to carry out this baptism. The whole synergy of human salvation was displayed even as Jesus was baptized, because John’s participation was sought and engaged…” (Dynamis 2/24/2020)

“Both good and evil desires are motivated by hope for fulfillment. The righteous hope for fulfillment in the kingdom of God; therefore, every desire is energized by this hope. But the desire of the ungodly is energized by hoping in this fallen world. Since this world is perishing, its hopes perish with it.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Proverbs 11:22)

“If the Lord were to answer all our prayers according to our faith, what would happen is that we would think we no longer needed advice from anyone, not even from the Church…The Lord will not answer every prayer, for if we were to receive fulfillment of our prayers whenever we ask for something, we would be convinced that no one on this earth is wiser or more deserving than we are. We would believe that we do not need anyone’s advice on anything. Sometimes the Lord reveals to us answers to certain questions and mysteries in our thoughts, but sometimes He does not, so that we might turn to other people for advice and so humble ourselves.” (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica)

"Social media’s insidious allure comes from the false promise that we can manufacture our own identities. It’s impossible for us to self-create our own identities—they are given to us by God. We are created for Him, and it is only in Him that our human nature is fulfilled…Life is intended to be a shared experience, and it is only fulfilled in the activity of giving and receiving.” (Kevin Scherer)

“When we believe in the Lord and in the workings of the Father—who sent the Son—we can fulfill His vision and will because Christ lives in us…The Lord of the universe stands ready to pick up your life and give it significance, a sense of fulfillment beyond anything you have ever experienced." (Juanita Bynum, Ron Hutchcraft)

“Only God can fulfill the spiritual longings of the human soul.” (Foundation Study Bible, Psalms 107:9)

“The voice of Christ is needed in our changing world so that all can hear what is true and constant. His guidance as our Creator and Redeemer is essential, as He understands our human condition and challenges. His voice answers the questions of life and purpose and offers the grace to make that life complete. The voice of Christ is the voice of blessings, fulfilled promises, and unwavering certainty for today and for eternity. He says to us and through us, I came that they may have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10).” (Archbishop Demetrios)

“Believers must not expect that it will be easy or comfortable to be a disciple, but it will be more deeply fulfilling than anything else could be.” (Foundation Study Bible, 2 Corinthians 6:4)

"Man’s intuitive and innate search for fulfillment in the created world is inevitably a search for Paradise: Communion with God. In the quest for the fulfillment of life’s goals, people tend to have a common underlying motivation whether they are conscious of it or not: the acquisition of a perceived “Paradise.” (Archimandrite Sergius)

"Every human heart is filled with longing, a longing we desire to fill. We long to love, to be loved, for peace, and fulfillment. We long to discover meaning in our lives, wondering: Is there more to life than this? Some of us may have sought for purpose in our lives, wondering what it is that I'm called to do." (Deacon and Fellow Pilgrim)

“The great fairy tales and legends...did not really happen, of course. They are not factually true. And yet they seem to fulfill a set of longings in the human heart that realistic fiction can never touch or satisfy. That is because deep in the human heart there are these desires—to experience the supernatural, to escape death, to know love that we can never lose, to not age but live long enough to realize our creative dreams, to fly, to communicate with nonhuman beings, to triumph over evil.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

“…the key to unlocking the impenetrable mystery of spiritual fulfillment is Wisdom. No wonder our Lord Jesus Christ is called Wisdom…Jesus Christ, through His teachings, life, and resurrection, becomes the star that guides us to our true path of happiness and fulfillment.” (OCPM 12/7/2016, Eva Kokinos)

“…to believe and grow in Christ is a life-long process. Flowers do not bloom in a day nor does fruit ripen on the trees in a week. In the same gradual way, we can ascend the ladder of Christian fulfillment and perfection.” (Fr. George Papadeas)

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