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“A careful study of St. Paul’s letters makes it clear that we are saved not by our strength (or even our common faith): we are saved by our weakness. Grace is only truly complete and in its fullness in our weakness (2 Cor. 12:9)…I think that the lived reality of God’s-grace-in-our-weakness is largely absent in contemporary…Strangely, we fear that our weakness (in its various manifestations) will drive others away. In truth, if others are not with you in your weakness, they are not truly with you.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

"When I take a good look at my weaknesses, on the other hand, I actually find strength and motivation. Because self-examination leads me both to understand my deficiencies and to seek help from God and other people. This doesn’t mean “letting myself off the hook” or “lowering the bar.” An understanding of my particular sinful patterns helps me see them for what they are, and that is, changeable. I do change and grow as I seek and receive help, in prayer and humble openness to myself and others." (Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin)

“God is the vine, and we are only the branches. He is the Father, and we are the children; He is the physician and we are the patients in the need of healing. This is the kind of relationship we must cultivate, acknowledging our weakness and insignificance, and thereby allowing God to "over-take" us with His power, so that the delusions by which we have lived might be swept away, and in their place, God can assume His rightful place in our lives.” (Fr. Andrew Demotses)

“God meets you in your weakness, not in your strength. He comforts those who mourn, not those who live above desperation. He reveals Himself more often in darkness than in the happy moments of life.” (Dan Allender and Tremper Longman III)

“With all your weakness and helplessness, with all your frailties and infirmities, with all your sorrows and cares, He invites you to come to Him.” (John Dawson)

“It is often when we recognize our weaknesses that God’s strength becomes available.” (Life Application Study Bible, Psalms 102:3,4)

“...we do not need to let our weaknesses keep us from accomplishing great things for God, for God has the power and grace to turn our weakness into strength." (Joseph O'Day)

“Our faith and the values of this world are on a collision course. If we expect pain and suffering to come, we will not be shocked when they occur. We can take comfort in knowing that Jesus also suffered. He understands our fears, our weaknesses....He promised never to leave us...and he intercedes on our behalf....In times of pain, persecution, or suffering, trust confidently in Christ.” (Life Application Study Bible, 1 Thessalonians 1:6)

“While those in the grip of Christ’s love will never experience ultimate defeat, there is a profound sense in which we must face our struggles now knowing there may be no real relief this side of God’s new creation. We may wrestle with a particular weakness all our lives. But the call remains: Go into battle.” (Wesley Hill)

“God understands how weak our will is and how easily we are overwhelmed at times, so He sets others at our side. As we falter our friends are there to strengthen us and tug us back from the abyss” (Anne Marie Gazzolo)

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