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Work/Vocations/Callings (Part 2)

“An activity that is based on the frenzies and impulsions of human ambition is a delusion and an obstacle to grace. It gets in the way of God’s will, and it creates more problems than it solves. We must learn to distinguish between the pseudo spirituality of activism and the true vitality and energy of Christian action guided by the Spirit." (Thomas Merton)

“..if you try to live without Him [God], you will be abandoning the purpose for which you were made.” (Life Application Study Bible, John 1:3)

“God is my co-pilot” bumper stickers are misguided...if you possess every gift imaginable but don’t allow God to guide you in using those gifts, you could very well become useless. Or worse, you might spiral out of control and crash.” (NIV Men's Devotional Bible)

"...every member of the Church has his or her vocation to fulfill in the Church according to the divine will.” (Father Robert Slesinski)

"As Christians, our"call” from God is to become like Christ...This is a gradual, lifelong process that will be completed when we see Christ face to face ...To be"worthy” of this calling means to want to do what is right and good (as Christ would). We aren’t perfect yet, but we’re moving in that direction as God works in us.” (Life Application Study Bible, 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12)

“Vocation comes from the Latin vocari which means to call. In Greek: klisis means calling. Vocation is our response to God’s call to serve Him. We have a primary and a secondary vocation. Our primary vocation is to have union with God and become Christ-like in all that we say and do. Our secondary vocation, or vocations, are what we do in our lives that enables us to express this Christ-likeness. Everybody has been called to serve in some specific way. God wants each and every person to utilize his or her talents according to His purpose.” (Fr. Jim Katinas, Sacramental Living)

“As described in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, we left the path of our true vocation which is to grow towards God and have union with Him.” (Sacramental Living)

“We are not called merely to obey and imitate God in a moralistic fashion, but it is our vocation to participate by grace directly and organically in the divine life and glory, becoming one with the Holy Trinity in a transforming interchange of love." (Metropolitan Kallistos Ware)

“My vocation is not my career or my role in life. Rather, my vocation is my call from Christ to do what He has me on the planet to do, to cooperate in building up His Kingdom on earth. Hence, my vocation is fluid and changes with each passing day, each passing moment, in an enthralling adventure. My vocation is my way of life—His way of life in me—as time passes…When we live life as vocation, we witness to the world of the kingdom of God and rejoice in that gift that gives ultimate meaning to our daily, complex lives.” (Albert S. Rossi, Ann Bezzerides)

"You have to think of work as an act of love because it produces what is good." (Dallas Willard)

“What we should bear in mind is that every type of work on earth and in all the universe is God’s work and as such it should be performed from the heart, without reservation." (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica)