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Holy Trinity

“The Son of God has become Son of Man in order to make us, men, sons of God, raising our race by grace to what He is Himself by nature, granting us birth from above through the grace of the Holy Spirit and leading us straightway to the kingdom of heaven, or rather, granting us this kingdom of heaven within us (Luke 17:21), in order that we should not merely be fed by the hope of entering it, but entering into full possession thereof should cry: our ‘life is hid with Christ in God’ (Col. 3:3).” (St. Simeon the New Theologian)

“Only through union with the Christ Jesus, who is both God and man, can deity penetrate our humanity, cleansing and restoring it to that “pristine beauty” that was ours from creation. The purifying mystery that begins at baptism is now accomplished in us by the Holy Spirit…Unity, of course, must go beyond mere words…True unity arises from hearts led by the Holy Spirit.” (Dynamis 6/5/2019, 7/22/2018)

“Christ Himself is present in each believer and in the Church always, both personally and in the Holy Spirit, for neither can be separated from the other.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Matthew 28:20)

“Both, then, are true: God is utterly distinct from His creation; God has joined intimately in the creation through the incarnation [of Christ], and will never leave it again. The Holy Spirit abides.” (Edith M. Humphrey)“

The Holy Spirit anoints both the preacher and the hearers who open their hearts. The Spirit enters where there is faith and the conviction to live for Christ. All this happens within the hearts of the hearers, who thus become believers and doers of the word…Each of us is accountable to Christ and to God the Father, as the Holy Spirit reveals the Lord’s will to us.” (Dynamis 11/1/2018, 9/12/2018)

"God is three persons and yet one in essence...God is one, yet in three persons at the same time. This is one of God’s incomprehensible mysteries...the Baptism of Jesus reveals the great mystery of the Trinity: the Father speaks; the Holy Spirit descends; the Incarnate Son is baptized.” (Life Application Study Bible, Matthew 3:16-17, Orthodox Study Bible, Matthew 3:17)

“...all three [Persons of the Holy Trinity] participate in the work of salvation. Based upon the redemptive work of his Son, the Father forgives us and sends the Holy Spirit to wash away our sins and continually renew us." (Life Application Study Bible, Titus 3:7-8)

“Had the Fall never happened, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Logos (Word), would still have become incarnate and taken on our nature. For it is through this condescension by our Creator God of taking on the nature of what He created that we are given the opportunity of being deified…Becoming deified does not mean we become God; rather our human nature takes on more and more of the divine nature as we grow in Christ.” (Abbot Tryphon, Sacramental Living)

“Christianity is a revelation of eternity and life…God has revealed Himself mystically to His creature, man. Our human nature has become part of the mystery of the Holy Trinity, and that is a great gift which we do not even appreciate; instead, we have cleaved to the things of this world.” (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica)

“Why would God create humanity if He had perfect love and community already in the Trinity? Only answer: To spread that love out to others.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

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