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“Secular materialism, which is the pervasive mindset of the modern world, views religion as a human invention. The holy apostles present us with a very different view…The original Greek word evangelion, translated as “gospel” or “good news,”…It is indeed good news; the fulfillment of God’s earlier promises to the prophets; a message centered on Jesus Christ; a declaration of divine power to help us to gain eternal salvation; a disclosure of righteousness that God alone can give; and a transforming way of life for all who commit to faith in Christ.” (Dynamis 5/29/2018)

“The proclamation of the Kingdom of God was in no way the declaration of God’s secular goals for a better world. Christ specifically identifies the Kingdom with the actions of healing, cleansing, raising the dead, casting out demons. These things serve as examples of the character of the Kingdom. It is not the improvement of bad men, but the raising to life of dead men.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“One of the reasons why we have not succeeded in bringing the Gospel to many cultures is simply that we do not fully understand what Jesus Christ came to bring. We have turned the Good News into Good Advice.” (Francis MacNutt)

“The Gospel message is not simply that there is a Kingdom in the future, but that this kingdom of God has come near…The Gospels are not pleasant stories meant to delight us, but opportunities for reshaping our hearts and minds in every circumstance of this present, limited life.” (Orthodox Study Bible, 2 Corinthians 10:9, OCPM 7/25/2017)

“The goal of Gospel-based ministry is always to make us whole, to give us life – renewing and freeing our fallen and enslaved humanity.” (Dynamis 4/24/2018) “The gospel (“evangelion” in Greek) means “Good News”. It refers to the good news about God's love for the world.” (Father Alexander Veronis)

“The gospel is good news, not good advice...Here is why that is so important. Advice is counsel about what you must do. News is a report about what has already been done. Advice urges you to make something happen. News urges you to recognize something that has already happened and to respond to it.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

“No wonder Christianity and Jesus’ message of salvation is called good news. It isn’t just good advice…it’s good news…It’s not declaring what we must do, but declaring what He has already done.” (Jefferson Bethke)

“In Mark 1:15 Jesus said, “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the Gospel.” His statement is packed with meaning. Fulfilled means completed. The law is fulfilled, not continued. There is no more legalism. The kingdom of God is at hand meaning it is present and continues to be present. It has broken through into our world. It is not simply a future state. Repent means to change, to do a “total about face” and radically reorient our hearts and minds so that they are centered in Christ. The Gospel is the good news of salvation and complete freedom. We are created out of love and we are free to choose. Nothing binds us except our wrong sense of self.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Mark 1:14-15, Sacramental Living Blog)

“The gospel [good news] is all about God and what God has done. God introduces life into the world, and when we rebel, God saves us. When we sin against God, God pays for our sins. When we sin against one another, God gives the grace of restoration. This message is all about Him, not at all about what we can do or have earned for ourselves.” (Nabeel Qureshi)

“In the Greek language, the word for Gospel is Evangelion which means literally"the good news." The good news of…Christianity is a proclamation of God's unbounded and sacrificial love for mankind, as well as the revelation of the true destiny of the human person.” (Father Thomas Fitzgerald)

“Grief is lessened when we have an eternal center for our lives. The good news of the Bible is simply this: men and women may have a relationship with the eternal God through faith in Jesus Christ. Putting it another way, Jesus Christ Himself may become the hub of our entire life …” (Haddon W. Robinson)

“The word of God spread like ripples on a pond where, from a single center, each wave touches the next, spreading wider and farther. The Good News still spreads this way today. You don’t have to change the world single-handedly; it is enough just to be part of the wave, touching those around you, who in turn will touch others until all have felt the movement. Don’t ever feel that your part is insignificant or unimportant.” (Life Application Study Bible, Acts 6:7)

“Don’t be surprised if people can’t grasp the Good News. The Good News will seem foolish to those who forsake faith and rely on their own understanding.” (Life Application Study Bible, Ephesians 4:17)

"In countries that are nominally Christian or allegedly Christian it is very difficult for one to recapture the true meaning of the word and of the event of the Gospel. What is the Good News? What is new in it? What is good in it? Those of us who discovered the Gospel as a new life may perhaps feel that more intensely whether we are people of the East or people of the West. What is news? O, something very wonderful and very simple - it is life but only those who were ill can know what it means to be whole, only those who were dead can appreciate what it means to be alive.” (Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh)

"The Gospel is the good news that God became man in Jesus Christ...God stepped into the world by taking on human flesh. The religions of the world call men to ascend and work their way to God. Christianity explains that God came down to us.” (Rice Broocks)

“Secularism and Religion are both all about your personal performance. The Gospel is the performance of another applied to you.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

"There is something of a"Pharisee” in each one of us. We may unwittingly mistake upholding tradition, structure, and legal requirements for obeying God. Make sure the Gospel brings freedom and life, not [just] rules and ceremonies, to those you are trying to reach.” (Life Application Study Bible, Acts 15:1)

“Let us take care never to use our religious devotion as a way to hide from God! Confronted with the Gospel’s demands, we may gradually shift from faith in God to faith in mere devotional practices.” (Dynamis 9/26/2014)

"We are most comfortable with those who are just like us. Clearly, at the root of these tendencies is the ugly sin of prejudice. The more we understand the Gospel and embrace God’s version of the body of Christ, however, the more we will begin to transcend these differences.” (Life Application Study Bible, Acts 13:1)

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