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Faith and Action

“God’s being and actions are one. This is essentially the teaching of the Church on the topic of the Divine Energies… Another simple term for “energies” is “actions” or “doings.” The root of the Greek word simply means “doing.” Indeed, it is most often translated as “deed” or “work.” “Workings” would be another accurate way of rendering “energies.” Understanding this points us towards the heart of the Church’s proclamation. Who God is, and what God does, are not two separate things. “God acting” is God.”…When our actions are in true agreement with that which we are created to be, there is a wholeness and a harmony in our existence. We are transformed, for our being and our actions are themselves in agreement with the very actions (Energies) of God. It is in this transformation that we come to see ourselves as we truly are and to know God as He truly is.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“God the Father would have us believe in Him and honor Him. As with hearing, the true mode of believing in God requires obedient action. Believing in God is a commitment of our heart and soul to Christ. As a result, we seek actions pleasing to Him, ensuring that our behavior is in harmony with the loving work of the Father and the Son. When we cross the line into proactive hearing and obedient belief in God, we have “passed from death into life” (John 17:24). Such a transition is possible even in this mortal life, as the apostles and Church Fathers teach us. God gives us the grace to hear, to believe in Him, and to act upon these gifts.” (Dynamis 4/29/2020)

“…faith is more than a mere belief that something is true.  Faith is the profound trust that is proven by action.” (Fr. Basil)

“Being a Christian requires activity. One cannot be a Christian and have no action as a result. Receiving the Grace of the Holy Spirit is supposed to move us to action. Grace completes what is infirm and heals what is lacking in us so that we can go and do something. If the grace of the Holy Spirit looses and forgives sins, then the person who has been forgiven is supposed to go and radiate the light of Christ, with his or her newfound spiritual freedom.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

“…worship is the action by which human beings freely submit and dedicate their lives and the life of the world to God. The perfection of our humanity is holiness, the holiness of God…” (Vigen Guroian)

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