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“…unity is not a mechanical or bureaucratic “thing.” Rather, first and foremost, unity is grounded in a love that is both divine and human” (Vigen Guroian)

“Babel, the place where the tower was built, means “gate of God.” The word is also a homonym of the Hebrew verb balal, “to produce confusion.” Even when we enjoy initial success, confusion will surely follow as long as we rely upon our own wisdom, ignoring the guiding word of God and His ways. The Lord is the source of our dominion – “Thou hast set him over the works of Thy hands” (Ps 8:5) – and yet we prefer to follow wisdom of our own devising in order to “make a name for ourselves” (Gn 11:4).” (Dynamis 3/15/2018)

“Mankind was united as one race and one language. But this unity existed without the Holy Trinity, for man's true unity is union and communion with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…The Lord divided this false unity for the sake of man's salvation, that man might seek and find Him (Acts 17:26–28). For they sought to build their unity by making a name for themselves (Genesis 11:4). They cared nothing for the name of the Lord God, by which man is saved.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Genesis 11:6, 8)

“The unity God destroyed by judgment at Babel was restored by grace on the Day of Pentecost. On that day people from different nations came together to hear the gospel in their own languages.” (Foundation Study Bible, Genesis 11:4)

"Unity is not simply an outward agreement to call ourselves one body; instead it is based in oneness of faith and practice." (Father Spyridon Baily)

‘Unity does not mean uniformity… If we look around and see all of the variety of plants, animals and people, it seems clear that God must delight in variety …We are all the same in essence but unique in our persons. We too should live in unity made up of our diversity and in a loving state where we care for one another in the spirit of community.” (Sacramental Living)

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