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“We have a deep, fearful resistance to the notion of Divine providence. The fear is that nothing good will come unless we make it come, and that dependence on Divine providence is the same as doing nothing. It is a tragic circle in which we believe that only our exercise of power can order the world, coupled with the fear that it will not be enough. Any yielding in our drive for control is seen as an invitation to disaster.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“…success is only found if we are all true to the purpose and work which has been “prepared in advance” for us to do; if we are content to act within providence, rather than take matters into our own hands.” (Greg Wright)

“The all-good Providence of God always arranges what is most beneficial for us, while in our ignorance, we very often strive for the very opposite.” (St. Ambrose of Optina)

“One should furthermore bear in mind that the ways of God’s providence are many, and that they can neither be explained in words nor grasped by the mind.” (St. John of Damascus)

“If the providence of God does not preside over human affairs, we have no need to busy ourselves about religion.” (St. Augustine)

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