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Holy, holy, holy. To say the word “holy” twice in Hebrew is to describe someone as “most holy.” To say the word three times intensifies the idea to the highest level. The whole earth is full of His glory. We know that the glory of God transcends the universe, yet this phrase emphasizes God’s closeness to His creation—His involvement with the earth and its people.” (Foundation Study Bible, Isaiah 6:3)

“By grace and not just chance are we sent forth into the world for fellowship and communion with others. Friendships even sound the call to a higher and transcendent communion with God.” (Vigen Guroian)

“Liturgy is not magic, of course, but if it is intended and received sacramentally, it awakens the sense that worshipers are communing with the eternal, transcendent realm through the ritual and its elements. The liturgy feeds the sacramental imagination, reweaving the connection between body and spirit.” (Rod Dreher)

“It is through the perception of reality, not by transcending reality that we attain to the transcendent.” (Saint John Damascene)

"The beauty of human myth reflects the transcendental beauty, while the Incarnation embodies this beauty, for Christ is the absolute Beauty of God." (Lisa Coutras)

“Too often today people think of the Transcendent as something other than a personal God. To experience the Transcendent is to experience God, a personal God, a Divine Person, who is beyond our comprehension, yet who relates to us and loves us personally in a way we can comprehend by experiencing Him our hearts; not some sort of impersonal, abstract being or phenomenon.” (Sacramental Living Podcast Episode 31)

"Because human beings were originally created for Eden, there remains in human nature an inexplicable longing and sense of dislocation, a yearning for a world in the wholeness of its original design. To encounter transcendental beauty awakens this longing, stirring an inborn “memory.” Through beauty, one experiences the transcendental reality that frames creation, drawing the human spirit toward the majesty of the Creator." (Lisa Coutras)

"Human persons, because they are free, have a potential to transcend the limitations of their nature and experience the fullness of their humanity in opening their existence to God and to others.” (Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Clapsis)

"The human spirit perceives the infinite within the finite precisely because the human spirit holds a relationship to the infinite. That is to say, the finite spirit is created in the image of God, who is the transcendental archetype that surpasses all creation, eluding human understanding by the very nature of His being." (Han Urs Von Balthasar and Lisa Coutras)

“It is simply the case that we cannot create our own transcendence. To do so would be to be a god, in which case transcendence would be unnecessary. To transcend the self requires that we be greater than ourselves. That requires that there be something (Someone) greater than ourselves. The fundamental position of classical Christianity is one of thanksgiving, the grateful reception of that which has been given to us. Thanksgiving is the primary response to the gift of transcendence.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

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