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“…a Christian’s experience of beauty is by necessity a faith experience.” (Jeffrey L. Morrow)

“What Christians call “repentance”—from the Greek metanoia, to turn back—is often sparked by an encounter with the beautiful.” (Makoto Fujimura)

“…beauty requires people who live beautiful lives. They need neither wealth nor power, only the living icon of the Logos to be manifest in their being. It is the secret to Christian “civilization” – not an empire maintained by force of arms or economic power. Rather Christian civilization is the politeuma of the heavenly city that is continually reborn in the heart of every Baptism. That city is built in the heart. It is there that we repent and there that we forgive. It is there that we find within us the image of the city that God has already prepared for us.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“The…Christian way of soul healing – of soul development – can be described as “Beauty first.” Although moral struggle and intellectual understanding are also crucial, our very first task is to discern the beauty that summons us up from sin, up from ignorance, up from sorrow, despair, and a broken heart. That ultimate beauty is Christ himself, in his self-emptying love… God had created the world by revealing himself, his beauty, over the face of the deep. God’s beauty was so intense and so desirable…even non-being couldn’t resist its allure. When the primordial theophany occurred, the forces of chaos immediately repented, ceased moving aimlessly, and set out for the divine vision. In doing so, chaos was transformed into a cosmos – into something ordered, harmonious, beneficial, and, finally, itself beautiful…At the foundation of the world was a theophany – the self-emptying love of God in Christ…This was so lovely that the universe itself arose out of attraction to it. All was in repentance, all was doxology, all things were penetrated and bound by divine love, and by the love of created things for God and for each other.” (Timothy Patitsas)

“Repentance is not a self-contained act: it is a passing over, a Pascha from death to life, a continual renewal of that life. It consists of a reversal of what has become the normal pattern of development, which is the movement from life to death. To experience this reversal in repentance is to have tasted of the glory and beauty of God; it is the mark of man's presence before God in the abundance of His mercy and of God's presence before man…It is the awareness of God's beauty that makes one realize the chasm that separates one from His gratuitous grace. The initiative belongs to God, but presupposes man's active acceptance, which is a way of perpetually receiving God within the heart, of God being embodied within man, of divine incarnation. Here God calls man, and man responds to God and in doing so gains salvation and life abundant: "sorrow working repentance to salvation not to be repented of" (2 Corinthians 7.10). In repentance it is man's total limitation and insufficiency that is placed before God, not simply particular wrongdoings or transgressions.” (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese)

"Human nature intrinsically yearns for Eden, experiencing momentary visions of its beauty throughout human experience." (Lisa Coutras)

“Only beautiful things lead us out to join the world beyond our heads…Beauty is to the spirit what food is to the flesh.” (Matthew Crawford, Frederick Buechner)

“When you see a beautiful painting, praise the artist. When you hear a beautiful song, praise the composer. When you experience beauty in nature, praise the Creator.” (Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz)

“Christianity is an experience of saying yes to what is truly beautiful. The puritanical, legalistic, and fundamentalist strains of modern Christianity have left our culture traumatized by a Divinity that is not beautiful." (Jonathan Jackson)

“Young people are not going to be argued into Christian chastity or browbeaten by moralistic maxims. Beauty and goodness, embodied in great art and fiction, and in the lives of ordinary Christians, married and single, is the only thing that stands a chance.” (Rod Dreher)

“God provides signs within nature and throughout Scripture to display His beauty and glory as a sign of His presence.” (NIV Men's Devotional Bible)

“God and beauty are inseparable. The beauty of a sunset is a reflection of our Creator, just as the interior of a temple reflects our experience with the Creator God. We humans were formed as physical beings, placed in a material world, and invited to commune with our Creator. The majesty and beauty of the created world inspires us to an awareness of God’s presence.” (Abbot Tryphon)

"One can no more reject the pursuit of beauty or understanding on the grounds that they are self-indulgent exercises in pride, than he can reject the pursuit of righteousness on the grounds that it makes a man self-righteous. And it would be as superficial to value truth and beauty simply for their utility as it would be to seek righteousness just to impress God or to influence men. God's gracious gifts to His creatures are to be valued and developed, and we are to involve ourselves heartily in His creation." (Arthur Holmes)

“A sacramental view goes beyond this superficial understanding and sees the stars, the seas and indeed all the cosmos for what it is – an expression of the grace, beauty, glory and love of God." (Archpriest Lawrence Cross)

“The connection between the human artist and the Creator God, the ultimate Artist, can be found only in beauty. True art and music are a reflection of the soul that is journeying into the heart of God and is a mirror of God’s beauty and light.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“Beauty is always something of a mystery; it defies understanding…Beauty is not simply an adornment of the good; it is a glimpse of the transcendent revealed through the splendor of being…the Incarnation embodies this beauty, for Christ is the absolute Beauty of God.” (Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin, Lisa Coutras)

“Beauty brings us into places of healing, as well as into God’s presence…The beauty of believers consists in their resemblance to Jesus Christ.” (Jane Rubietta , Matthew Henry)

“Only through union with the Christ Jesus, who is both God and man, can deity penetrate our humanity, cleansing and restoring it to that “pristine beauty” that was ours from creation. The purifying mystery that begins at baptism is now accomplished in us by the Holy Spirit.” (OCPM 6/8/2016)

“One becomes aware of God's presence through the senses, in the experience of "splendor" and "beauty.” (John Yiannias)

“We are created in God’s image and share in a lesser way our Creator’s ability to create...and when we act in concert with God’s will, our creative and artistic abilities reflect the beauty of God.” (Abbot Tryphon)

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