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“There is nothing wrong with seeking power to correct the wrongs of the world or intending to use one’s power to help others, but there is everything wrong with using one’s power to shape the world according to one’s own vision of how things ought to be.” (Amy Amendt-Raduege)

“Modernity is steeped in the concept of our own freedom and the imagined power of our choices. We are said to be creating and shaping our own reality – even our own being.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“We can go all the way back to Jesus, who came into the world to lead us toward an understanding that true power comes from kenosis, from pouring out love into the world, rather than hoarding it or provoking violence.” (Dr. Mary Hess)

“We see in the Gospel a clear understanding of power. The Gospel says many times that power went out from Jesus. Every time it did, it did so to restore and to heal. When He Himself gave power to the twelve Disciples, it was also to restore and to heal. He did the same thing when He expanded and gave power to the seventy. When they returned in joy over their power over evil He quickly told them not to rejoice in this, but to rejoice that their names were written in heaven. In other words, don’t rejoice in power itself, even the power to do good; rejoice that this power helped them help others and in doing so brought them into greater union with God. This is why power is so dangerous, especially in the hands of “good people.” It starts off good and is well intended but rarely ends up that way as memory fades to where this power comes from and becomes imagined as one’s own. And unlike power wielded by evil people, which is easy to see and therefore resist if we choose; we don’t see the misuse of this power until it is too late and often after we have been unwittingly complicit. This is how we slowly destroy ourselves and our communities. This is so why humility, repentance, and daily dedication to our relationship with God is so important. If not continuously anchored in Him, who is “gentle and lowly of heart” we our left with the terrifying and subtle reality of being a power unto ourselves.” (Sacramental Living Ministries)

“Let me seek the power of God throughout my daily routine, in communion with Him.” (Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin)

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