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Love and Sin

“The ethic of Limitless Love demands that we should be able to recognize the presence of God in the very sin that the sinner commits…You must not think I mean that God approves of the sin or encourages the sinner. I simply mean that even in an act of sin God is, to a certain extent, present…Everything that happens—the bad act as well as the good—has its roots in the being of God. Only because God gives us our being (or rather lends it to us) are we in existence at the very moment when we commit a sin. At that very moment God could withdraw our being from us, could destroy us. But he holds us in the existence we have received from Him, even when that existence turns against Him. Moreover the Lord Love, in his infinite mercy, allows sin to contain certain positive elements.” (Fr. Lev Gillet, Father Michael Plekon)

“We are made in the image and likeness of God, which means we are made to be like God. As Trinity, God is three persons, meaning He Himself is in perfect relationship—with Himself. Since we are made to be like God, we are also called to have perfect relationships with each other and with God. We attain perfect relationships by loving each other. When we fail to act in love, we sin, and when we sin we have the opportunity to reconcile with God and each other through forgiveness. Ever since the first sin in the Garden of Eden, God has given us the opportunity to ask forgiveness and to rejoin ourselves with Him. It is up to us to take advantage of the opportunity every time we miss the mark…” (Chris Shadid)

“In a fallen and sinful world, love and communion are expectant on salvation. More than this, the imperfect communion that love achieves in such a world is an intimation of salvation, for there is no such thing as solitary salvation. The salvation and theosis (deification) of the human person is the process by which God graciously narrows the “gap” between freedom’s movement and love’s substantiation as communion. The Son brings the love of the Father into this world, and the Holy Spirit inspires this love and spreads it among all who believe in the Son. The gift of the Holy Spirit reduces not only the gap that sin and death have brought about between God and humanity but also remedies the division of humanity into selves who are existentially alienated from one another and die spiritually for want of love. The communion of the saints is the approximation of the triune life of God.” (Vigen Guroian)

“The soul becomes whole by tracing the path that the universe itself followed at the moment of Creation. A recent elder – canonized formally just two years ago – said it best: “No one ever became holy by fighting evil. Rather, you must fall in love with Christ, must cultivate eros for Christ. Then, all the forces of sin within you will steadily be pushed aside. Pay no attention to evil. Show disdain for evil by focusing on Christ.” (Timothy Patitsas)

“Man in all his sinfulness is loved by God if he can just keep moving towards God. When one does fall, if one only cries out with confidence, the fall is not into nothingness but into the arms of God stretched open once and for all on the Cross.” (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese)

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