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“In the ongoing life of the Church, our Lord Jesus Christ is the constant. He precedes all clarification of the truth in the midst of disputes, for He is ever the Lord and Master. As the Life, the Way, and the Truth, He is prior to all theology worthy of His name.” (Dynamis 5/12/2018)

“Constant meditation upon the holy Scriptures will perpetually fill the soul with incomprehensible ecstasy and joy in God." (St. Isaac the Syrian)

“What do we obtain from constant prayer? First of all, it leads to singleness or sincerity of heart. Prayer in the Spirit discloses the confusion of our mixed motives and helps us distinguish between what comes from God and what comes from our passions, or demonic suggestion. Persisting in prayer may be likened to clarifying butter: a slow, protracted heating causes the solids and impurities to rise to the surface, where they may be skimmed off. As we pray persistently, our soul warms and is gradually cleansed until the heart reaches aphtharsía: singleness and purity.” (Dynamis 9/28/2018)

“True noetic perception involves great ascetic effort, in which we fast, pray and repent for the hardness of our hearts and our constant efforts to substitute an understanding that does not at every moment depend upon God.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“We cannot be indifferent about the salvation of our soul. We must constantly be concerned about our salvation. If this does not concern us, we will remain tied to earthly things and constantly surrounded with boulders. When we do not forget that our goal here on earth is to acquire the Kingdom of God, then the good restlessness settles into us. This restlessness - sooner or later - will transfer our soul to the spiritual realm, where it will have an abundance of oxygen — be revived and fly to the heights.” (Papa Demetri)

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