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“We live in a culture of knee-jerk criticism. See something about someone on the news, we immediately think we know the full truth about whatever we are seeing and we feel and/or express harsh criticism. See something on social media about someone, we chime in immediately with visceral criticism. Twitter wars, Facebook wars, media wars – it’s a bit out of control. The spiritual danger to all of this is the state of our souls. Continuous harsh and critical thoughts inside does not provide a home for the Holy Spirit.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“I think that that it is fair to say that there have been times when we have all criticized someone unfairly. Although we don’t know all the details of others’ circumstances, nor can we hope to understand their motives, this nonetheless does not deter us from being judgmental…When we judge others, because we don’t wish to be judged, we lose our integrity as when we give negative criticisms. While we will accept criticism that is constructive, we all resent criticism that is destructive.” (Rev. Andrew Demotses, Father James Meena)

“Even though we all hobble along with a limp and are filled with wounds and sins, we like to speak about others. When we visit a hospital, we will observe that all the patients have some type of illness. However, we will not see anyone criticizing another sick person. Have you ever noticed this? No one says to another patient: “Why are you lying in bed?” Whereas, we are all sick spiritually; and yet, we criticize one another. We have a problem with our eye, and we like to occupy ourselves with someone who has lung disease. Unfortunately, we wretched people fail to realize this.” (Elder Ephraim of Arizona)

“Belittling criticism of others is another case of pride coming out in what we say...God's will is to love others with humility and mercy, even if they are in the wrong." (Orthodox Study Bible, James 4:11-12)

“People who constantly criticize others and enjoy making negative comments at every opportunity, actually reveal their own poor self-image and weakness of character. In contrast to them, there are those who delight in offering praise to others, and who never tire of pointing out the strength and virtues of those around them. In doing so, they reflect a loving heart and healthy, positive view of themselves. Instead of condemning others, they joyfully commend others, and would much rather build up than tear down.” (Rev. Andrew Demotses)

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