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“Christ offers light to every person, but the world and even many of His own refuse to receive Him; thus, they can neither know nor recognize Him. Those who accept Him have His light.” (Orthodox Study Bible, John 1:9-11)

“Often blessings cannot be received unless we go through the trial of waiting.” (Life Application Study Bible, Psalms 40:1-3)

“When we become captivated by material needs in this present life, we lose our freedom to receive the limitless help of the Holy Spirit. By stripping us of our dependence on material things before we can work with others, the Lord encourages us to rely on the Spirit’s provision (Luke 9:3).” (Dynamis 11/8/2014)

"Stripped of everything we recognise as vital to life the human heart has a capacity to still receive the blessing of God’s touch. It is we who are rich who build material fortresses around our hearts and shut out the possibility of union with Him." (Father Spyridon Baily)

“God reveals Himself when we are open to receiving Him.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

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