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Meaning of Life

“…the self-help gurus who promote the “just be positive” approach usually live comfortable lives, having achieved a measure of worldly success. By studying those who lived on the other end of the spectrum, in conditions of extreme misery, we can look past the tired clichés to strategies of real substance. When we do, we find that living the good life does indeed come down to attitude, but not in the way that is often supposed….Meaning, not happiness, is what enables us to live the good life…humanist psychology become the reigning orthodoxy in America, with its emphasis on concepts like self-actualization, personal fulfillment, and “finding yourself.” Frankl continually challenged the humanist movement by pointing out that only when we pursue meaning outside the self (and, in the process, forget about the self) can we actually find ourselves.” (Robin Phillips)

“The foundation of all Christian virtue and life is faith. Faith is the natural possession of all men who are wise and virtuous. For if a person lacks faith in man’s ability to know, to do good and to find meaning in life; if he does not believe that this is possible, profitable and worthy of man’s efforts, then nothing wise or virtuous can be achieved. The striking characteristic of all prophets of doom, apostles of despair and preachers of absurdity is the absence of faith in man’s capabilities for goodness and truth, and the absence of faith in the meaning and value of life. It is also an absence of faith in God.” (Fr. Thomas Hopko)

“…what is the point of striving to affirm some sort of superiority, and desiring at all costs that it should be acknowledged by others? Christ makes Himself present only in love; if you are not replete with it yourselves, you will contribute nothing to the edification of your country and to the well-being of humanity. It is in love that you will find meaning within yourself and in your life; it must therefore be everything for you.” (Metropolitan Georges Khodr)

“…God reveals the truth about everything, or perhaps how the meaning of everything is found in God. The material world is not separated from divinity but rather is rooted in God: “for ‘In him we live and move and have our being’” (Acts 17:28)…Everyone has the responsibility of understanding the deeper meaning of life... If they did this, then people wouldn’t be mean and petty, nor would they grumble with one another.” (St Maximus the Confessor, Fr. Basil, Saint Paisios of Mount Athos)

“We shouldn’t get so caught up in trying to discern God’s activity in our life that we forget to actually live life; meaning that we can actually miss the meaning of something because we are willfully looking too hard to find meaning in everything. Life, in all its complexity, is simple. Love God and love other people. Do this daily in whatever situation presents itself. ” (Sacramental Living Ministries)

“…we define “life” as the time we spend on earth. We define “death” as the time when “life” ends. In the eyes of God, “life” means being in the presence of God, and “death” denotes the absence of God. One who is “dead” is absent from God. That’s why those who are in heaven are said to inherit “eternal life,” and those who are in hell are the ones who are truly “dead.” “Life” as we call it, should be redefined as “preparation.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

“Life means living in God's grace here on earth, while the more abundant life indicates the Kingdom to come.” (Orthodox Study Bible, John 10:10)

“Death and loss is an existential confrontation with who we are and our meaning in life…For the committed…Christian…Christ is the meaning of life: God's Love, Mercy and Will, and the grace we receive to respond with hope and trust, is the foundation life's meaning.” (Fr. George Morelli)

“ ‘What is the meaning of life?’ is a typical question almost everyone ponders at some point, or many points, in their lives. In my more spiritually lucid moments, I realize that this is the wrong question. The question I should ask myself is ‘who is the meaning of life?’ and the answer of course is Christ. At a personal level, I have found that the purpose of my own life becomes clearer and clearer each day I continue to strive to be a branch on His vine.” (Sacramental Living Ministries)

“The ultimate meaning of life is found in healthy relationships with God and with our fellow man.” (Brian Wright)

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