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“Whenever we are obediently engaged in a labor to which God has called us, giving His work our undivided attention and considering its concrete elements in prayer and reflection, the Lord faithfully sends a messenger to encourage us…God is more likely to send angelic support – whether in a form visible to our bodily eyes, or only to the eyes of the heart – at those moments when we are actively engaged in His work in this world.” (Dynamis 11/7/2019)

“Encouragement in Christ arises from the heart. It is prayerfully given, sometimes with many words but more often, I suspect, with few…Sometimes it seems that God allows us to see into the invisible realm simply to encourage us.” (Stephen Doughty, Eric Metaxas)

“A common complaint in our times is that God is not a God of love, which is supposedly illustrated by the many hardships, sorrows, sicknesses, and even death He permits. In truth, God, who loves mankind, who sacrificed Himself for our sake and was crucified with His arms wide open—an image of His love—does all He can to draw all men unto Himself (John 12: 32). While our human vision is limited and cannot always perceive the reason God sends such hardships and sorrows, He does so to guide and encourage us to follow the correct path in this life.” (Constantina R. Palmer)

“God is so faithful to speak to us, through His Word and the words of others. As you read a book or listen to a radio program, your pastor, a Bible study teacher, an inspirational speaker, or to tapes, open your eyes and ears to listen for the still, small voice of God, giving you new insights, directions, corrections, and encouragement. Let God use the gifts and ministries of others to be your mentor when you most need them.” (Betty Southard)

“Even well-grounded, deeply committed Christians need constant encouragement, instruction, and prayer.” (Orthodox Study Bible, 1 Thessalonians 3:1-5)

"…we all need encouragement to live in Christ, so that we may love one another, cope with life’s difficulties and sorrows…” (Dynamis 5/10/2018)

“We may not always feel as though we belong to God, but the Holy Spirit is our witness. His inward presence reminds us of who we are and encourages us with God’s love." (Life Application Study Bible, Romans 8:14-17)

“God often places someone at a camp, a club, or a church as a certain intersection to build you up: Someone to say something that you’ll never forget or to encourage you at a moment of need.” (Gregg Matte)

“Sometimes a simple word of encouragement offered sincerely and lovingly in the toughest of times is all you need to keep going.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“God knows your need to be comforted. He knows you need to be reminded regularly you are not alone or forgotten. You need a pick-me-up. You need to be held. You need to be encouraged. God gives of Himself to comfort you.” (Margaret Feinberg)

"As you near the end of a long race, your legs ache, your throat burns, and your whole body cries out for you to stop. This is when friends and fans are most valuable. Their encouragement helps you push through the pain to the finish line. In the same way, Christians are to encourage one another. A word of encouragement offered at the right moment can be the difference between finishing well and collapsing along the way. Look around you. Be sensitive to others’ need for encouragement, and offer supportive words or actions.” (Life Application Study Bible, 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11)

"True joy comes when you inspire, encourage and guide someone else on a path that benefits him or her." (Zig Ziglar)

“There are some churches that are vibrant and growing, while others always seem to be discouraged and struggling. What lies at the heart of this success or failure? It has always seemed to me that the difference can in large measure be attributed to attitude. If the people of a church build up and encourage each other, if they hasten to praise and emphasize the positive, the whole community is filled with optimism and a feeling of affirmation. But in those churches where negativity and criticism are quick to surface, discouragement and failure are sure to follow.” (Rev Andrew J Demotses)

“We need to remember the wonderful advice of St. Paul who asked us “to encourage one another and help one another.” (I Thess. 5:11) He wanted us to remember that Christian people seek to build people up, and not to tear them down.’ (Rev Andrew J Demotses)

“No matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable the task may seem, we must always support new believers who need our help and encouragement.” (Life Application Study Bible, Acts 14:21-22)

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