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Spiritual Warfare and Battle and Weapons

“All people are called to holiness, all people are called to an unceasing battle with sin, and all people are called to unseen warfare…One cannot wage a battle if one does not acknowledge the existence of an enemy; and the Church’s testimony is clear, that whether or not one acknowledges that foe, whether or not one elects to fight in the battle, the foe remains real and never ceases in his attacks against us. So our choice is not “to fight or not to fight,” to acknowledge the demons or not to admit of their reality; our choice is to fight or to be overcome.” (Archbishop Averky (Taushev), Bishop Irenei Steenberg)

“We must remember our battle is not with earthly enemies, but with the principalities and powers of darkness. This is important to remember because the weapons needed to combat the enemy are not found in armies, guns, tanks and missiles, but in prayer. Our combat against the enemy must be centered in the church services, prayer, fasting, spiritual preparedness and repentance. Our enemies are not armies, but demons who would demoralize us and strike fear in our hearts. In Christ Jesus we have all the strength to overcome the powers of darkness that are set upon our destruction. There is no need to panic when we have Jesus Christ by our side. The end days will come when God decides. As for us, we must always be prepared for the end, just as were the disciples. Fear is brought on by the enemy of humankind, the devil himself. In Christ there is no fear.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“…the materialist culture in which we live does not even consider whether or not Christ actually “casts out demons” (Mark 3:22). People around us are plunged into spiritual combat, but they often place the blame for this turmoil on terrorists, rogue nations, or greedy players in the world. Such mistaken views of history ensure our defeat in the conflicts which fill our daily lives. Why? Because we overlook the evil forces that instigate these battles. Materialism rules out any possibility that spiritual struggle undergirds today’s conflicts. If we view life and history only superficially, we can never address the dark powers and evil rulers of this world who constantly warp our contemporary life. We are doomed to go on shadowboxing, remaining victims rather than victors.” (Dynamis 9/2/2020)

“…in matters of faith, as in every struggle, it is imperative that we focus our full attention and energy on the battle. Amartion, the Greek word translated as “sin,” means “missing the mark,” and calls to mind the clumsy toss of a javelin. As contestants, we must allow neither our own thoughts, nor the sounds of conflict, nor the opponents’ jibes, nor any extraneous demand distract us from our focus. A victor remains indifferent to everything except winning the struggle. The Church Fathers call this spiritual state dispassion.” (Dynamis 3/21/2021)

“If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word,” says the Lord Jesus, “and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him” (Jn 14:23). Loving God is the first and great opportunity. When we love God above all else, His commandments, especially to repent and live a life of continual and joyful repentance, become weapons that aid us in our unseen warfare, those incessant battles fought in and for the soul of every Christian. God’s statutes are lifelines from the Lord.” (Dynamis 6/30/2019, Sacramental Living Ministries)

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