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Faith and Love

“God is the source of faith…God has revealed Himself to us, most especially in the revelation of Jesus Christ, whom we know as the Son of God. This Revelation of God, His love, and His purpose, is constantly made manifest and contemporary in the life of the Church by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Rev. Fr. Thomas Fitzgerald)

“To believe in Christ involves faith working through love (Galatians 5:6).” (Orthodox Study Bible, Galatians 5:16-12)

“Because we have conceived faith in Him and because we have believed His promises and because through His resurrection we too rise and have suffered all things with Him and rise to life with him but also through Him, our faith is sure. Through this faith comes works fitting to salvation. This comes about through the love that we have for Christ and God and thus toward every human being. For it is these two relationships above all that set life straight and fulfill the whole sense of the law…if it follows necessarily that he who keeps faith will also keep love, since these two fulfill all the precepts of the law of Christ.” (Marius Victorinus)

“Call to mind with me the time when Peter was praised and called blessed. Was it because he merely said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” [Mt 16:16]? No, he who pronounced Him blessed regarded not merely the sound of his words, but the affections of his heart. Compare that with the words of the demons who said almost the same thing: “We know who you are, the Son of God” [Mt 8:29], just as Peter had confessed him as “Son of God.” So what is the difference? Peter spoke in love, but the demons in fear. . . . So tell us how faith is to be defined, if even the devils can believe and tremble? Only the faith that works by love is faith.” (St. Augustine)

“Faith and love are bound together like word and deed. They cannot be separated...Too many think it possible to take refuge in faith and flee from responsibility to love those whom the Lord loves. We should not take for granted that faith abounds—at least in these troubled times. I find it strange and sad that many who give themselves in service for others, for animals and now in the concern for the earth, yet consider themselves agnostics or atheists. Before we dare judge them we ought to judge ourselves and realize how official religions…seem to have failed them somehow.” (Very Rev. Vladimir Berzonsky)

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