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Orientation (To Work and Tasks)

“Christians see the same facts as the non-Christian, in other words, but because of this worldview we see them differently; we see them in a larger, indeed in a far richer, context. The typical non-Christian looks at arithmetic, for example, and says, “Two plus two make four. I’ve no idea why—it just seems to work. Whatever.” The Christian who sees the same numbers through the lens of the biblical worldview can say, “Two plus two make four, and this is a glorious example of the beautiful rationality of the mind of God.” Both of them balance their checkbooks, and they (hopefully) get the same sum, but for only one of them is getting that sum an act of worship. In Augustinian terms, both have Scientia (knowledge) of math, but only one has Sapientia (wisdom) about it.” (Donald Williams)

“Any kind of work is God’s work. Every task should be performed from the heart, for it is not for people that we are laboring, but for God. God is present everywhere. The whole planet belongs to Him; the entire universe is His. No matter who your boss is, whether he is a good man who manages his company well or not, we must do our work for God. For when we work for God, our hearts and minds are open, but when we do not, we say things like, “I won’t work for him; he’s a lazy good-for-nothing who sits all day, yet he gets paid more than me.” This is a sign that we are not performing our task from the heart. The Lord says, Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of My mouth (Rev. 3:16). We must be either hot or cold.” (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica)

“Science, art, government, economics—these are, as it were, those spiritual hands by which mankind takes the world. And the task of the Christian is not to brutally chop off those hands, but to imbue their work from within through a living spirit accepted from Christ.” (Ivan Ilyin)

“At the beginning of every task, call on the name of the Lord your God, and begin it with prayer, that the Lord may prosper you to begin it and complete it…Through prayer, which brings heaven into the ordinary, we see the world differently, even in the most menial and trivial daily tasks. Prayer changes us.” (St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, Pastor Timothy Keller)

“Our existence does not need to be justified or measured by its struggles. Our life is a gift and is meant to be lived. The living is meant to be an experience of divine fullness, found in every moment without ceasing.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

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