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“The heart of man is deep, and it entertains many thoughts. But these thoughts are useless and harmful unless they are grounded in the counsel of the Lord.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Proverbs 19:21)

“Thinking is among the most misleading things in the modern world, or, to be more precise, thinking about thinking is misleading. For a culture that puts such a great emphasis on materiality, our thinking about thought is decidedly spooky. The philosophy underlying our strangely-constructed modernity is called nominalism (of which there are many formal varieties). Its imaginary construct of the world consists of decidedly separate objects, united only by our thinking about them. There are things, and then are thoughts about things. But the thoughts have nothing to do with the things, except in our heads.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“Modern society tells us to listen closely to our thoughts and feelings, because that’s who we really are. But this psychologized model of anthropology squares neither with how humanity has understood itself throughout time nor with our daily experiences, in which we cannot always understand our thoughts and feelings and in which they often contradict from moment to moment. It also does not take into account the thoughts and feelings may be coming from the outside, i.e. demonic influence…You don’t have to live at the mercy of things you think and feel, no matter how deep they seem to go. Christ has called you to take every thought captive to rise in holy obedience to Him, to become like Him.” (Father Andrew Stephen Damick)

“There are some people who just go by how they feel in almost every situation. There are some who scoff at these type of people, thinking them simply emotional. These latter type of people value logic and critical thinking about all else as their guide. Whether you use logic to reason your way through a situation or problem, or emotion and feeling, if you are not in union with Christ, your mode of perception and action are not going to be completely reliable, and your particular giftedness in intellectual or emotional intelligence will not reach full bloom. More importantly, the peace He promised in all situations (John 14:27) will elude you.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“Pray that God will bless you with patience and wisdom to help you negotiate your way through the many toxic, potentially destructive thoughts and feelings you will encounter.” (Rev. Fr. Charles Joanides, Ph.D., LMFT)

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