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“Prosopon, the Greek word for person, actually means “face.” It is deeply significant that no one, without a mirror, can see his or her own face—my face may only be seen by another. Without relationship, then, our own faces are hidden, even to ourselves, like flowers in the dark…We find our most true face, our own personhood—our own prosopon—revealed.” (Douglas Cramer)

“With the face, and its implications for personhood, much more can be said. I cannot see the face of another without looking at them. To see your face, I must reveal my face. That face-to-face encounter is pretty much the deepest and oldest experience we have as human beings (first experienced with our mother in nursing). For the whole of our lives, our faces are the primary points of experience and reaction. We cannot truly know the other without encountering them face-to-face.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“Many who talk about love and unity are themselves not united with God, because they have not loved Him, nor do they have true love. He who has true love is he who also has upright faith, who lives close to God. For it is then that God is reflected in his face, and others can see God Himself in his face.” (Papa Demetri)

"In the Garden of Eden, we sinned and lost the face of God. This was the greatest disaster possible, because we were designed to live in the unique, perfect, marvelous light of His countenance.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

"Only Light can truly comprehend darkness. The more the artist beholds the nature of God, the more he comes to know himself. It is the face of Christ that reveals his true nature and opens his heart to compassion.” (Jonathan Jackson)

“In both Latin and Greek, the word translated as “person,” actually refers to the face, or a mask (as a depiction of the face). The face is not only our primary presentation to the world, and our primary means of relationship, it is also, somehow, that which is most definitively identified with our existence as persons.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“The self resides in the face.” (Sylvan Tompkins)

“The more we rely on technology, texting, social media, and even the phone as our primary means of communicating with and relating to each other, the more we risk diminishing our personhood. There is something simple, holy, and communal simply experiencing each other face to face.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

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