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“If God directs the course of events at all then He directs the movement of every atom at every moment; ‘not one sparrow falls to the ground’ without that direction.” (C.S. Lewis)

“In facing tasks that seem well within our powers, we also often forget to ask for the Lord’s help. Wisdom in the believer’s life demands persistence in depending on the Lord’s strength and direction in little problems as well as the big ones.” (Foundation Study Bible, Joshua 8:12-17)

“We modern believers may know that God is real, but He is real for us only at defined moments. Of such people…‘In none of them is God steadily the dominant factor in life; in none of them does one live in a permanent awareness of God; in none of them is one permanently turned in the direction of God; in none of them is God at the center of life.’ ” (Dynamis 8/12/15, Dr. Lewis Patsavos)

“Neither does Satan lead us towards evil by force, nor does the Spirit of God draw us to good by compulsion. Rather, they are both spectators, each urging us on in the direction our own will inclines.” (Philoxenus)

“...if we let our ego be our spiritual guide, we will be following the direction of a fool.” (Abbot Tryphon)

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