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“Even when we seem overpowered by temptations, God never abandons us. He knows our weakness makes us vulnerable, and He never allows us to be tempted beyond our ability to resist.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“Do not think that the Lord has abandoned you. No! He is always with you and invisibly sustains you, even when you forget Him. He will not burden you with trials beyond your capacity. Fear nothing, but with total humbleness and devotion bear your cross and pray.” (St. Innocent of Alaska)

“Only by sacrificing ourselves will we find ourselves in the fullness of life lived for God and for others. And to find ourselves in God and in others, we must lose our own selves. Our spirit, renewed in God, knows that human life belongs to Him and always and in all things is dependent upon Him, and that we must be in steadfast contact with Him, begging His help and living in the hope that the gracious Lord in His mercy will not abandon us in our helplessness.” (A Monk of St. Tikhon Monastery)

“When you are feeling as though the lines of communication between you and God have been disconnected, be assured the fault is not God’s, although He sometimes permits His servants to be tried through stress, tension, anxiety and even physical pain, to see how steadfast faith really is…He does not abandon us…When we think that our burdens are too heavy to bear, let us take a little time to visit a hospital, a nursing home, a Veterans rehabilitation center or a county institution and see those whose burdens are infinitely greater than ours. Our burdens will seem as nothing compared to those whom we visit, and as we see real suffering, sometimes without hope because we fail, in our own self-pity, to impart hope to them . . . let us remember that. . .” (Fr. James Meena)

“Never should we so abandon ourselves to God as when He seems to abandon us.” (François Fénelon and Jeanne Guyon)

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