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“Only those who are mature in faith can hear and discern the promptings of the Spirit (JohnChr). Those of lesser faith are prompted more directly by words and angels.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Acts 8:29)

“All of us have chosen to act against what is right and to resist the promptings of the Holy Spirit…A physical body, once it is dead, makes no response to its environment. So we who died with Christ in baptism must not respond to the promptings of sin, for we are freed from sin.” (Dynamis 3/10/2015, Orthodox Study Bible, Romans 6:7)

“If a man has a wholehearted desire to please God, to him will God show His will through his thoughts, or through some other person or through Holy Scripture.’ Such a man will be careful and will await the promptings of God, both inward and outward” (Saint Peter Damascene)

“If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit" (Gal. 5: 25): if one lives by the Spirit he should also walk by the Spirit, and vice versa, one cannot walk by the Spirit and understand His promptings and workings, unless he also lives by the Spirit.” (His Eminence Metropolitan Maximos of Pittsburgh)

“One of the major purposes of openness of heart is to reveal the disposition of the heart. The disposition of the heart of the penitent points to the future, to what the penitent wants to become. … St. Mark the Ascetic tells us: “He who has come to the knowledge of truth confesses to God not as a result of remembering what he has done but in order to gain patience for what is to come.” …the movements of the heart reveal suggestions or inner promptings which can develop into “outward deed, into consent of the will.” (Father George Morelli)

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