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Thoughts on Miracles

“...the crowds do not swarm Jesus when He commands repentance (Matthew 4:17), but only when He begins to heal and work miracles. This fact shows that the people misunderstand the true nature of His Kingdom.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Matthew 4:23-25)

“Asking for miracles in order to believe betrays a sort of smugness on our part; it’s like asking for an expensive gift from a potential friend before considering his overture of friendship." (Abbot Tryphon)

“True faith is a life of repentance of sins and participation in the grace-giving sacraments of the Church. True faith is humble, never making a show of anything, especially not miracles.” (Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick)

“Faith is a divine gift, but it is never forced upon us. And it doesn’t happen through convincing proof or by witnessing miracles.” (Lynn Anderson)

“Love is more important than all the spiritual gifts exercised in the church body. Great faith, acts of dedication or sacrifice, and miracle-working power produce very little without love. Love makes our actions and gifts useful. Although people have different gifts, love is available to everyone.” (Life Application Study Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13)

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