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Sacred vs. Secular

“There really is no such thing as"secular or sacred.” The Bible says"…for in Him [God] we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). The universe, the world, us and everything else in it is sacred because it was created and is sustained by God. What makes things"secular” is either our inability or choice not to experience life a sacred.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“…the idea that mankind has the capacity to discern its own truth gradually regained ascendancy. Today, we are once again living in a world where the ancient lie rules. Scientific materialism and secular humanism openly attack the truth which Christ and His apostles taught.” (Dynamis 5/19/2015)

"We are living in a cultural atmosphere where the increasing norm is a secular environment where worshipping God, or worse, believing in God at all, is almost being treated as if it were passé and unsophisticated. Most of us spend the majority our time in this environment…We have to be careful as individuals that we do not let it influence us to the point that we let worship die in our hearts and start to go through the motions.” (Modern Challenges)

“There is an urgent need in the church today for more genuinely Christian thinkers, who have not capitulated to the prevailing secularism, that is to say, for more Christians who have put their minds under the yoke of Christ.” (John Stott)

“[Early Christians] had prayers whose daily and yearly rhythms marked their lives: prayers from birth to death, from dawn to dusk, from the start of the year to its close, for they lived quite naturally in a state of prayer. It was a praying which responded to, and grew out of, their way of life...grew out of their sense of the presence of God as the most immediate reality in their lives. Religion permeated everything they did. They made no distinctions between the secular and the sacred. They were unable to discern boundaries of where religion began and ended and thus found it natural to assume that God was lovingly concerned in everything they did. They felt totally at home with God.” (Archpriest Lawrence Cross)

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