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“The term “worldview,” from the German word Weltanschauung, means the comprehensive perspective from which we interpret all of reality. But a worldview is not merely a set of philosophical bullet points. It is essentially a master narrative, a fundamental story about (a) what human life in the world should be like, (b) what has knocked it off balance, and (c) what can be done to make it right.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

“Every worldview is in essence a story, a metanarrative that attempts to answer the real questions of our existence. As it has often been said by a wide range of authors, whoever tells the most believable story wins the age.” (Rice Broocks)

“Utilitarian pragmatism is tied to a world in which vision is stripped of transcendence. Before the modern age in the West, the narrative of Christendom provided a vision of the world in which the “bottom line” was the full thriving of humanity. Lacking that vision, we have become accustomed to a reality where anything and anyone not valued at the moment can be disposable.” (Makoto Fujimura)

“All too often our treasure is a merely earthly treasure, and our hearts are held fast by the trinkets of this world. And all too often when we are deprived of such treasures, gratitude is the absolute furthest thing from our heart. Why are these things so, even for so many of us Christians? Why can we perceive the love of God so dimly in His blessings, and in His chastisements not at all? The answer, in large part, is that we have been seduced by narrative of modernity.Perhaps the defining feature of modernity is its utopianism: the conviction that this world can be made into paradise, indeed that it must be made into paradise, for there is no other world and there will be no future paradise (though one may still choose to privately believe such “fantasies,” so long as those “fantasies” are in no way permitted to impede the March of Progress). Such construction of an earthly paradise is even taken by many to be the true aim of Christianity, thus, in Voegelin’s words, “immanentizing the eschaton.” And indeed, the utopianism of modernity is simply a Christianity without Christ, the pursuit of a Heaven without God. And so, ironically, the “Problem of Evil” which has so often plagued Christians returns in even greater force to plague the utopianism of Anti-Christianity.” (Hieromonk Gabriel)

“For the Christian, the narrative of the gospel of Christ is, always, the controlling structure of our life. That work of Christ, completed in His death and resurrection, are the sole source of peace and true meaning. We may vote, but the outcome rests in Christ, just as surely as the outcome of Pilate’s judgment was not truly in his own hands. None of this denies the actual historical reality of our actions. Rather, it affirms the historical reality of Christ’s actions and their lordship over every human reality.” (Father Stephen Freeman)


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