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“If God is not a monad but rather a triune community of being whose ecstatic communion brings into existence creatures to love, and if humankind is created in God’s very own image and likeness, then genuine virtue is an unselfish service of love toward others…We are to “owe no one anything except to love one another” (Rom 13:8), for then genuine holiness will flourish among us all.” (Vigen Guroian, Dynamis 11/6/2018)

“In the struggle to attain virtue and God’s grace, we often meet with an obstacle in the form of a lack of strength. We may fail to love others, to have sufficient faith in Christ, or to give generously. First and foremost, we need to cooperate with God so our efforts succeed (2 Corinthians 8:8). When we cooperate with Him, we discover the true roots of faith, genuine love, and liberal giving. It is the grace of God, not our own capacities, that helps us to manifest a life pleasing to the Lord, for He works through our words and deeds so long as we trust in Him. Knowing that God’s graces come to us when we love the Lord…Genuine truth translates into loving acts.” (Dynamis 8/20/2018, OCPM 10/20/015)

“People must see Christ at work in us, even if that is not what consciously is going through their minds. It’s to our benefit too if we just live the Gospel and don’t think about it as such because the more it is a genuine part of us, the more we are truly humble and thus Christ-like and the more we will draw people to God through our unconscious example…Serving others for the glory of God. This is the genuine expression of humility; this is true greatness as the Savior defined it.” (Sacramental Living, C. J. Mahaney)

“Rahab the harlot was counted as righteous before God for one reason: namely, her hospitality, a demonstration of her genuine faith. But she received no praise for the rest of her behavior. Similarly, the publican was counted as righteous because of his humility, though he received no testimony for anything else. Therefore, one should not fall into despair over failures and shortcomings before God, but demonstrate in some way a genuine repentance and faith.” (St. Gregory the Theologian)

“Occasionally God grants us the joy and simplicity of heart to pray easily and to believe without crippling doubt. For most of us, those moments are rare, and for long periods in our life they can be non-existent. God often keeps silent and leaves us in a state of spiritual solitude. Genuine faith, though, is grounded in the certainty that His absence is merely our perception of things, our short-sightedness, our stiff-necked blindness. More saints than we can imagine have spent years treading through a spiritual desert, feeling alone and abandoned. What makes people truly holy is not a perpetual inner state of joy, peace, hope and faith.” (Very Rev. John Breck)

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