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Broken World

“In a broken world God calls the whole of humanity to become God's people. For this purpose God chose Israel and then spoke in a unique and decisive way in Jesus Christ, God's Son. Jesus made His own the nature, condition and cause of the whole human race, giving Himself as a sacrifice for all. Jesus' life of service, His death and resurrection, are the foundation of a new community, which is built up continually by the good news of the Gospel and the gifts of the sacraments. The Holy Spirit unites in a single body those who follow Jesus Christ and sends them as witnesses into the world. Belonging to the Church means living in communion with God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.” (Fr. George C. Papademetriou)

“The Church does not look away from pain, suffering, and death — not our own, not that of our neighbor. But while those around us may see suffering and death as evidence of meaninglessness and chaos, we acknowledge this pain as an inescapable element of our broken world. The brokenness of the natural world, of our minds and hearts, of our relationships, and of our societies — all of this stems from the rebellion of human beings against God. Our attempts to live without Him have separated us and our world from the loving wholeness of life in the Holy Trinity…It is precisely when we attempt to live without God, when we either forget Him or deliberately reject Him, that the world and its brokenness overwhelm us…Our crosses are precisely the troubles and difficulties resulting from our broken world and broken selves. Each difficulty is a means by which we may enter into the Resurrection…” (Holy Synod of Bishops of the OCA)

“While still in this broken world, we can bask in the light and wonders of God’s love. It is the starting point of our faith and the foundation of our spiritual lives. All else must be built upon it. If we set out onto the spiritual life and have not established awareness of the love of God as the foundation, then we have built our spiritual endeavors on a base of sand. We will struggle to get traction and experience frequent setbacks. It is never too late to go back and set the love of God as the cornerstone of our faith. Afterall, with the certainty of the love of God, what uncertainties really matter?” (Fr. Joshua Makoul)

“St. John Chrysostom boldly tells us, "I do not believe in the salvation of anyone who does not try to save others." The first step to bring healing and Good News to this broken world is to enter into Christ's kenosis - to lower ourselves and become servants to the least of these.” (Jordan Henderson)

“So, how do we encourage those around us? Are we tempted to respond to anger with anger?...What if we respond to anger with calm confidence instead? This is difficult but leads to not only peace around us but peace within. Perhaps consider making a plan to have a little prayer ready when someone irritates you or approaches you with anger. A plan and a little practice can prepare us for the moment so that each of us can spread the peace of Christ in this broken world. In the words of St. Seraphim of Sarov, “Acquire inner peace, and thousands around you will find their salvation.” (Niko Petrogeorge)


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