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Impulse and Impulsivity

“…how many of us greet each day or relax for a few minutes in the evening with the scriptures? Yet, without meeting God each day in scripture our sense of God becomes too vague and open to our own musings or the tyranny and erratic impulses of our unconscious…without quiet time in the morning or evening to slowly make our trust in God more visible, we tend to drift between guilt and impulse.” (Robert J. Wicks)

“Herein lies our problem: “listening” to our thoughts creates struggles – a raging storm of contradictory ideas and impulses…We never find out the strength of the evil impulse inside us until we try to fight it…No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good….The battle with our own evil impulses will never end in this life, though the internal conflict should lessen as we grow in grace.” (Dynamis 3/19/2014, C.S. Lewis, Joseph O'day)

“In order to kindle in yourself Divine Grace make it a practice to read the Holy Scripture. For the Word of God is a hammer that breaks up and softens our stony hearts; it is fire that burns out sinful impulses and warms our cold hearts (Jer. 23:29)…Make it your rule to read the Word of God daily, and read it with reverent attention. Then what seemed to you long ago evident what earlier did not impress you greatly, will acquire suddenly a new and great meaning and significance; it will seem to you that you are hearing it for the first time; your soul will be stirred and your heart will be filled with peace, happiness and compunction.” (St. Tikhon)

“Just as a basic concern is to be careful of anything that might be harmful to our physical health, so our spiritual concern should watch out for anything that might harm our spiritual life and the work of faith and salvation. Therefore, carefully and attentively assess your inner impulses: are they from God or from the spirit of evil?” (St. John Maximovich)

“...we might consider the passions as distorted when the ego is in control of their direction. Then, we desire whatever fills the ego, whether praise, or power, or whatever it is that we crave. When we feel enslaved by what we desire, then we know we have gone down the wrong path. The spiritual journey is always one toward freedom, and an essential aspect is to direct the passions and desire toward God. The more we become clear about our places of wounding, the more freedom we gain because we are no longer controlled by unconscious impulses.” (St. Zosimas)

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