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Sacramental World/Creation

“In all its most ancient traditions Christianity is a sacramental religion. Sacraments form the very life of the Church through which the Spirit of God flows into the world...[a] sacramental view of the world is a world suffused with the grace and love of God. It is a world view as warm as the rationalist view is cold, as profound as the rationalist view is superficial, and as full of meaning and hope as the rationalist view is pointless and despairing.” (Archpriest Lawrence Cross)

“The world, for us, has been “disenchanted,” its words pressed into ever more distinct and discrete meanings. The sacramentality of the world has become opaque to us…The world is not accident and caprice. It is deeply intentional and personal, and conspiring towards our salvation…It is only the dark and callous objectivity of the modern heart that has so disenchanted reality. We imagine ourselves the only sentient beings marooned on a small, blue planet in space. We wonder if there is “life” out there, as if there were anything else anywhere. The world is icon and sacrament.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“So many believe they will find wisdom only by acquiring vast stores of the world’s ever-expanding body of applied knowledge…Ever since the so-called Age of Enlightenment, scientific discoveries have flourished in astonishing and wonderful ways. But has the majority of mankind found true wisdom as a result?...Reverence for God is the supreme wisdom… power and the wisdom…can be gained from the practice of goodness and godliness” (Dynamis 8/20/2019, St. John Chrysostom)

“A man who has within him the Kingdom of Heaven radiates holy thoughts, Divine thoughts. The Kingdom of God creates within us an atmosphere of heaven, as opposed to the atmosphere of hell that is radiated by a person when hades abides in his heart. The role of Christians in the world is to filter the atmosphere on earth and expand the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God.” (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica)

“The world must be accepted as created by God and having received from God its own meaning and its own calling, which is encapsulated in the incarnation that sanctified not man alone, but through man, all of creation.” (Ivan Ilyin)

"Christianity has had a sacramental view of creation from its very earliest beginnings…In the Christian view, the world we see around us is not only sacred but is also the vehicle for the grace of God...for the Christian, all creation is sacred both because of its creation by God and because it is caught up in the paschal mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection.” (Archpriest Lawrence Cross)

“The sacramental world is utterly permeated with meaning and spiritual communion…Time moves through a calendar in which the days of the week and the whole of the year are a collection of occasions in which people encounter the reality of Christ’s saving work” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“…the entire world is sacramental. Everything speaks of God. Everything unveils God to us. The true contemplative is a naturalist, a lover of life, a respecter of persons, a diviner of the tangible who sees behind the masks of creation to the Creator.” (Joan Chittister)

“The world is a sacramental marriage of spirit and of the most beautiful realities is that the whole world is a sacrament.” (Craig Bernthal, Jonathan Jackson)

“…it is important to remember that all of life is given to us in order that it might become "sacramental.” (Fr. John Breck)

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