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“If our thoughts are peaceful, calm, meek, and kind, then that is what our life is like. If our attention is turned to the circumstances in which we live, we are drawn into a whirlpool of thoughts and can have neither peace nor tranquility…When we can stay calm when someone attacks us from all sides, when we can keep our inner peace in spite of that person’s rudeness, then our soul will become meek and humble and we will live this life with a full understanding of it. And our neighbors will tell us, “You have changed; you used to have a fiery temperament, but now you have somehow become calm and dispassionate.” But we have not become dispassionate. Rather, this is how the victory over evil manifests itself.” (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica)

“Many believers have experienced this peace of God. It is not just positive thinking or willpower. It is a sense that no matter what happens, everything will ultimately be all right, even though it may not be at all right at the moment…That is the character of Christian peace. It is an inner calm and equilibrium but also a sense of God’s presence and an almost reason-transcending sense of His protection.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

“In times of fear and uncertainty, it is calming to know that Christ is always with you (Matthew 28:20). To recognize Christ’s presence is the antidote for fear.” (Life Application Study Bible, Mark 6:49-50)

“A good model for us, and one that is exemplified by many great spiritual teachers, is a rule of prayer in which we pray in the morning when we get up and the evening before we go to bed. …The principle here is to set some time aside each day to devote to prayer and communion with God…it helps maintain a continual consciousness of God that will help you be calmer and less anxious in all of your daily duties as a spouse, father or mother, family member, business owner, employee, and/or friend. More importantly, it helps you be more loving so that you are kinder, humbler, more compassionate and more giving then you would be divorced from God.” (Sacramental Living)

“The state of prayer can be aptly described as a habitual state of imperturbable calm." (St. Evagrius)

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