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Christ in Us

“Before we can cry out about Christ to others, however, we have to cry out for Christ to be in us. We have to cultivate Christ in us. We have to go to the “wilderness,” to get away from the business of life, so that we can contemplate the things of Christ.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

“We must put on Christ with the rising of the sun and with its going down. Christ must be in every word we speak and in every action of our heart. He must reign supreme in our lives, that all may see Christ in us, just as we must see Christ in every person with whom we come in contact. “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.” (Gal. 2:20).” (Abbot Tryphon)

“It is easy to have a facility with doctrine and Christian thought. However, that same facility can be deeply misleading. It is possible to mistake such knowledge for saving knowledge. At the same time, it is not uncommon to disregard such things as kindness, generosity, and gentleness as nothing more than “morality.” The Christian life cannot be divided in such a manner. Saving knowledge is manifest as the character of Christ within us. Without this knowledge (which is synonymous with “character”) everything we take to be “knowledge,” such as doctrine and Scripture, will be woefully misunderstood, even to the point where it is working death within us.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“Jesus Christ, the Son, Word, and Image of God, is physically and spiritually formed in the body of Mary so that He might be formed in us as well (see Gal 4:19). This is the meaning of Christmas, which is the meaning of life itself: Christ in us and we in Christ, God with us and we with God. The Spirit in our hearts so that the Spirit can flow out from us, sanctifying the world around us. This is not mere symbolism, the high-blown language of the liturgy and the scriptures. This is serious business. It is a matter of life and death.’ (Father Thomas Hopko)

“God joined Himself to mankind. By acting with deliberation, and paying attention to our God, may we resolve this year to be attuned to God in us: Christ in us and us in Christ. This is who we were baptized and anointed to be.” (Bishop John)

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