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"The first-created man, by severing the tie of this world from God (when he began to use the world apart from God for its own sake), became the first official “consumer.” We on the other hand must reverse the Fall in our own lives by re-connecting this world and our lives back to the source of all: Christ, the Life-giver and Creator." (Archimandrite Sergius)

"The folly of modern economies is that they require constant growth. Consumer goods are named this for a reason. An enormous system of advertising and media manipulation seeks to turn us into true consumers. And for us to want things we must be convinced of our need for them. Someone who is satisfied with life and them self has no need for the products that promise to bring fulfilment. So advertisers set out to make us feel dissatisfied with who and what we are and with as many aspects of our lives as they can achieve. It starts with our children and continues throughout our lives." (Father Spyridon Baily)

“Living in this consumer-centered, commercial-filled world, we are constantly being told that we have a right for more and better. Such a message may make for effective advertisement, but it spells poor theology.” (Dave Earley)

"In a world where consumerism is the new golden calf, we think that having things will make us happy. Actually, it is often the reverse, as we are held hostage by the many things in our lives. But happiness doesn't come from having thing. Rather, having things can actually cause a fear. The poor person who wants nothing does not fear his/her things being stolen, because there's nothing to steal. The anxiety that comes from wanting to protect property is nonexistent for the person who doesn't own the property." (Marianne C. Sailus)

“The economic and monetary crisis that leads to an increased disparity between rich and poor is understood … to be primarily a ‘spiritual’ and/or cultural crisis. It is attributed to unrestrained individualism that leads to an excessive desire for wealth and to consumerism. Individualism and consumerism have disconnected people from loving God and their neighbor.” (Fr. Emmanuel Clapsis)

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