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Ups and Downs

“It [our faith] is about God entering our lives, lifting us up, supporting us, strengthening us, healing us. If we live with this faith, with this sense of God in our lives, then we can handle our life’s ups and downs.” (Father John Zeyack)

“Every life has ups and downs. Yet no event, whether good or bad, should leave you less than what you are. Take each moment of life as it is and squeeze every bit of wisdom out of it. This is the gift of grace God extends to you today. Your willingness to embark on this wise path of life will bring you rich experiences of wonder and marvel.” (Father Barnabas Powell)

“There is a spiritual law of ups and downs of our moods. When despondency strikes do not give yourself over to it too much. Remind yourself that after sorrow gladness will come...” (Archbishop Averky)

“ is because we don’t fully love God just for His own sake that we are subject to such great ups and downs depending on how things go in our lives. We do not find our hearts fully satisfied with God unless other things are also going well, and therefore we are without sufficient roots, blown and beaten by the winds of changing circumstances." (Pastor Timothy Keller)

“Ups and downs are part of life. If we are ever tempted to feel bad about our own we should remember that Christ’s earthly life as shown in the Gospels was full of them. But He remained steady and resolute in His faith and purpose and His oneness with God and that is what we should continually strive for as well.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

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