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“Ever since Pentecost, the Good News of the Kingdom has been proclaimed in the whole world, and yet not everyone is receptive to it. Jesus saves the deepest revelations of Himself for those who love and obey Him.” (Life Application Study Bible, John 14:22-23)

“There is a way of ordering our mental life on more than one level at once. On one level we may be thinking, discussing, seeing, calculating, meeting all the demands of external affairs. But deep within, behind the scenes, at a profounder level, we may also be in prayer and adoration, song and worship and a gentle receptiveness to divine breathings.” (Thomas Kelly)

“Thou should also know that the more a man sets himself to be receptive of divine influence, the happier he is: who most sets himself so, is the happiest." (Meister Eckhart)

“Someone once said that "God must really love ordinary people--He made so many of them!" In this day of media stars, sports heroes, authorities, experts and personalities, it is reassuring to know that there is one place where the ordinary person will always be loved and needed--in the church. Although the church welcomes everyone, the truth is that the rich and wordly are not generally receptive to the Gospel. Christ found that it was the "common people" who "heard him gladly." St. Paul also observed that not many of those who were worldly, mighty, or of noble birth accepted the Christian calling. (l Cor. 1:26).” (Rev. Andrew Demotses

“Those fully endowed by the Spirit with spiritual knowledge and virtue are able, through preaching and instruction, to make the hearts of others receptive of true devotion and faith…” (St. Maximos the Confessor)

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