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“In a psychological culture, morality and psychology are the only human realities we acknowledge. We do not see nor understand the nature of spiritual things. We are locked in a world of cause and effect and presume that everything works in such a manner. The landscape of psychological causes (and effects) is the world as we choose to see it. But it does not see the landscape of the Kingdom of God – that which is birthed in believers in their Baptism. One of the great challenges…is making the transition from psychology to true spirituality. Some teachers suggest that many will fail to do so – and will thus fail to realize the reality of their birthright in Christ.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“Modern psychology has told us we must feel good about ourselves and has instructed us to reject the idea of guilt and sin. The idea of sin is seen as religion’s instrument for keeping people in line, making them dependent on an institution that should be relegated to the Dark Ages. In an age where humans are elevated to being their own gods, religion is seen as a sort of enslavement.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“While the last couple of decades have seen the field of psychology discovering all kinds of new addictions (sex, gaming, the Internet, and so on), the Bible has recognized the phenomenon of addiction for centuries, but under another name: slavery.” (Richard A. Grumberg)

“When God delivers us, we are no longer slaves to sin or victims of our passions, contrary to what pop psychology suggest. We are no longer compelled by a traumatic past, nor by our nature, nor by any force beyond our control, for we have given all to Christ…However, we must apply the power that God extends to us in Christ in order to be truly dead to sin. As with all authentic relationships, there is nothing magical about our oneness with God. He bestows this gift on us in baptism, chrismation, and communion. We must then use the gift to resist, reject, and oppose the reign of sin within us (Romans 6:12).” (Dynamis 6/27/2015)

“One of the primary reasons for psychological and emotional problems in our life today is that we do not know in our heart how truly valuable we are in the eyes of our Creator.” (Father David L. Fontes, PsyD)

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