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Compartmentalizing Faith

“It is easy to compartmentalize our Christian faith, reserving the “spiritual” for times spent in church. However, it is in the day-to-day, mundane moments that we can find opportunities to grow in Christ.” (Abbott Tryphon)

“Each and every day our hectic lives pull us in a million different directions. We are all overbooked, overcommitted, and overwhelmed - and so are our families. We spend less time playing together, talking together, eating together. In general, we spend less time being together. We also spend less time with God. We rarely see Him as the center of our family and our home. We have compartmentalized our lives so that we see God at church on Sunday and leave Him there when we drive home.” (Family Gospel Lessons)

“One of the frustrating, and fascinating, things about life is that while it is easy to imagine one’s life as an integrated seamless whole, it is often hard to live that way. We compartmentalize: work, marriage, parenting, church, hobbies, current events, charitable activities, retirement. And, depending on the compartment in which we are currently operating, we might even find ourselves thinking or acting differently, as if one set of behaviors fits one category but not another. So, the pursuit of a governing dynamic continues. And it is pursued, usually, not by hypocrites – people who intentionally live in a state of conflicting behaviors because of some advantage it brings to them, but by sinners, people who strive, but fail, to reach a state of interrelated behaviors, simply because living a life of integrity is the right thing to do.” (Father John Oliver)

“We cannot tell how many grains of sand there are, just as we cannot measure the ever present power of God in our lives. The sand surrounds the rocks in such a way that we cannot divide the individual grains of sand. We need to pour God into our lives just as we poured the sand into the bucket. We cannot compartmentalize Him into one day (Sunday) or one specific time of our day (praying before an exam). He is too great for that. He is our ever present, ever-loving, and eternal God—our beginning and end.” (Center for Family Care)

“Since we are living in a country increasingly moving away from Christianity, have to be careful we don’t let it affect us - Paul warns us in Ephesians to put on the armour of God to guard our hearts. Apathy is fertile ground for a gradual falling and drifting away from God; or just going through the motions and compartmentalizing our faith.” (Sacramental Living Podcast)

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