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Worship (and Renewal)

“Just as man's failure to worship God led to his downfall (Romans 1:20–25), so now true worship is the first expression of mankind's renewal.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Romans 12:1)

“Our relationship with God is renewed as we respond to His grace through prayer and worship. Our knowledge of the truth of life and our experience of His power, holiness, and love lead us to offer Him praise and thanksgiving. This is a continuous response that originates in our hearts, that is guided by the divine services of the Church, and that culminates in lives filled with joy and beautiful communion with Him and one another. Further, our relationship with God is nurtured through daily prayer and times of solitude and contemplation, where we offer to Him our concerns and burdens and receive strength, guidance, and peace to address the challenges and tasks of life. Through prayer we express our trust in Him and our commitment to His will; and His loving presence and faithfulness to our needs gives us the assurance of renewal and of the fulfillment of all of His promises.” (Archbishop Demetrios of America)

“Through worship in general and the sacraments in particular we experience a personal relationship with God, who infuses His life into us. We experience His uncreated energies touching, healing, restoring, purifying, illumining, sanctifying and glorifying both human life and the cosmos. We participate in the saving acts of Christ's life, in order to be continuously renewed. We experience continually the presence of the Holy Spirit dwelling and active within us, leading us to and bestowing upon us the resurrectional life.” (Rev. Alkiviadis Calivas)

“The light of God shining through one human being who knows the Lord spreads to another and another and another. Christ the Light of the world enables those He enlightens to worship, praise and give thanks. They are renewed and they renew many more.” (Dynamis 11/17/2012)

“Since it was likely that, being people, we would be sinning every day, he [St. Paul] consoles his hearer, saying, ‘Be renewing thyself day by day.’ That is what we do with houses, so we keep on repairing them as they age, and so do this to thyself…‘In order for you to put to the test that which is good…’ Either he means by this, be renewed in order to learn what is more expedient for you and the will of God, or that you can be so renewed if you learn the things expedient to what God wills…For also these things are one. For God wills what things are expedient for us; and what God wills, that is also expedient for us.” (St. John Chrysostom)

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