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Sin (Three Sins of Mankind)

“Note the three sins...of all mankind: (1) forsaking God; (2) false worship; and (3) preoccupation with themselves.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Jeremiah 1:16)

“…we imagine ourselves to be among those who would never flee from Christ…Yet how often do we forsake Him through the evasions of our ego, projecting a false self in order to avoid the crosses that inevitably come our way?...We know that repenting demands an active changing of one’s heart and mind. But we should realize that we must demonstrate this conversion in our manner of life. Repentance requires the forsaking of sin and the adoption of a God-pleasing life.” (Dynamis 2/18/2014, Fr. Basil)

“Jesus said to her ‘...God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.’ The woman said to Him, ‘I know that Messiah [Christ] is coming. When He comes, He will tell us all things.’ Jesus said to her, ‘I who speak to you am He.’ (John 4:24) Here is the meeting of our Lord Jesus with the woman at Jacob’s well. As we eavesdrop in their conversation, we learn so much about true and false faith and prayer. Hers was a partial faith. He wasn’t being unkind, just truthful when Christ said that the Samaritans didn’t know the God that they prayed to. How many…will say, ‘There’s only one God,’ as though it doesn’t matter how or to Whom one prays. But it matters immensely. Then and now false worshippers pick and choose from the Holy Scriptures, ignoring what doesn’t seem to suit their “needs.” They like a comfortable faith—come as you are, leave when you want, take what you wish from the services. Fasting? That’s old fashioned. Confession? Who needs it, if God loves you? Ritual regular prayers? God knows what I need without my telling Him.” (Fr. Vladimir Berzonsky)

“We must watch out for our own self as our worst enemy, not following our own will, mind, taste, or feeling—if we wish to avoid getting lost. Thus, we must always be fully armed against ourselves….We must first place our will in God's will. The more completely we succeed in placing it there, keeping nothing for ourselves, the more strength and comfort we will achieve. The point is to let our will be so attuned that we desire only what God wishes—and desire nothing He does not.” (Fr. Jack Sparks)

“How can the human heart learn turn away from earthly lusts and begin instead to truly love our Lord Jesus Christ? Well, there is one way which is really quite simple: by keeping Him always before the eyes of our heart. By walking always before the face of God. The divine beauty of Christ has the power to break even the hardest of hearts, and to break the spell of even the most seductive of earthly loves.” (Hieromonk Gabriel)


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