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“Genesis 1-11 narrates three “falls.”  There are three distinct times described when human persons joined with spiritual beings in rebellion against God. The first of these, in Genesis 3, led to the devil being cast into the underworld and humanity’s expulsion from Paradise, the presence of God. Through Adam’s sin, death laid claim to the human race. The second rebellion is described in Genesis 4-6. Cain and his descendants join with rebellious angelic powers to bring sin and corruption into the world, culminating in acts of demonic sexual immorality which produced clans of gigantic tyrants. This resulted in the cleansing of the world by the waters of the flood. Finally, humanity’s sin at the tower of Babel resulted in Yahweh, the true God, distancing himself from the nations, placing them under the governance of intermediaries who rebelled and enslaved them as the principalities and powers opposed to Christ and his Church.” (Father Stephen De Young)

“The human race created by God was united as humanity. Originally, humanity in its entirety was created alike as children of God. However, humanity lost this unity in its rebellion against God's will (that is, the fall), which resulted in the division of people into different races and nations.” (George C. Papademetriou)

“The earliest people of God (Israel and Judah) and the Church share a continuous history, with each generation resisting or embracing God’s call to communion. Assaults against us are constant and peaceful times rare. The ferocity of the attack varies, for the warfare is experienced inside our souls as well as externally in the form of battles and all-out war. The underlying cause of this unending conflict is evil and sin, the first and continuing plague…Because we live in a world in constant rebellion against God, Christ is urgently concerned with protecting our hearts and souls.” (Dynamis 8/31/2019, 6/24/2020)

“Holy Scripture reduces the choices of which dynamic will govern our lives to just two: the true God, and, not the true God: the true God, or any number of false idols, usually manifestations of the fallen self. Relinquishing the spirit of rebellion that haunts the human heart is the hard work of Christian life. In fact, many who become Christian – or, after baptism into the Church – notice that while part of us moves eagerly toward the light, another part folds the arms, scowls, and insists on being immovable.” (Fr. John Oliver)

“This spiritual journey for the Christian is the time for him to leave behind all the excess baggage he may have brought from the secular world, as well as to shed all vestiges of rebellion and idolatry.” (Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver)

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